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The Lipstick League – Week of 6/10/13

Ziva Rodann

The Lipstick League – week of 6.10.13

Question of the Week – What’s the most regrettable hairstyle you’ve ever had? (Details, please!)

EauMG’s Answer So on Friday I got my hair chopped off by a new stylist. New stylists are always nervous types. I gave her directions of exactly what I wanted and she still wouldn’t shave the back. I wanted drastically short and I didn’t care how round it would make my face look. It didn’t happen on this visit. Anyway, she asked me this exact same question after I assured her that I have seriously had ALL of the styles: graduated bob, the “Xena”, blunt bangs, side swept bangs, victory rolls, all the colors…you name it, I’ve had it…even a shaved head. I told her that I haven’t regretted a single cut or style. I view it as “just hair” and something I do to convey the mood that I’m in at the time. I also don’t mind doing stuff like curling or any of the “high maintenance” things. Hair is just hair but I sure enjoy playing around with it. New Nervous Stylist didn’t believe me. I finally remembered that once in elementary school my hairdresser grandmother gave me the poodle perm. I cried. I just wanted hair like Janet Jackson and all I got was a Bob Ross fro. That was a regrettable style that was not self-inflicted. 

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6 thoughts on “The Lipstick League – Week of 6/10/13

  1. Will look forward to seeing your haircut! Even if it’s not quite as you wanted it (I’m surprised she still wouldn’t shave the back after you told her all that).

    1. I figured, I’d get her to cut it and then go to my usual gal (who is booked through the entire summer!). I realize that I wasn’t going to sit there and beg somebody to shave my head!

  2. Speaking as a stylist (though I’m not currently working as one), when someone wants a drastic cut unless I know the client I tend to do the same thing. Most people who do that just got dumped by their boyfriend and as soon as they look in the mirror they will burst into tears. Not a reaction any stylist wants. I once had a girl who had black hair and olive skin sit in my chair and pull a Barbie doll out of her purse and say ” I want this color hair.” In talking to her I found out her boyfriend dumped her for a pretty little blonde. I did not make her hair blonde. She came back a week later and thanked me. I would do drastic things for clients I knew though.

    1. I understand that as most people aren’t “adventurous” with their hair. And when they are it’s usually something to do with a life event. Most people want a change, but not a drastic change. I tell these people to go buy red lipstick.

      On the other hand, I showed this gal pretty much every hairstyle I’ve had in the past 2 years and I’ve been all over the place. She did a good job and I’m not knocking her. In fact, I’ll probably go back to her. After we talked a bit and she was done, she was like, “Yeah, I should have went shorter” but I can believe that she has had some bad experiences in the past with people that cried. Or she did exactly what they said they wanted but blamed her when it turned out badly.

      Oh, the Barbie. Wow, that’s something. She should thank you!

        1. Of course. It isn’t really that drastic. I’ve been this short before. I have to say it’s awesome. Dries so quickly.

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