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The Lipstick League – Week of 6.25.18 – Summer Lip Colors

Cutex 1961

The Lipstick League – Week of 6.25.18

Question of the Week: What’s your favorite summer lip color?

EauMG’s Answer: Lol, all of them. You guys know that I have a lipstick problem. You can see that in my Instagram Stories. In the summer, I’ll wear anything. Some of my favorites are oranges, orange-reds, yellow-based browns, mauves, magentas, sparkling lip gloss…you see, all of it! However, I have been drawn to jelly/sheer lip shades recently. What are your favorites? 

we heart this – We’re sharing our love of all things coconut, including Kopari Coconut Rose Toner. We’re also sharing shocking footage of Stef trying to envelop herself in coconut…

Beautygeeks – is tickled that the Coppertone Clearly Sheer (and Water Babies) Whipped Sunscreen SPF 50 facilitated the use of the word “FART” in a beauty post – and headline too. *giggle*

Blushing Noir – Choose your own adventure with the recently released Urban Decay Born to Run Collection. Where the options appear endless for every staycation or road trip!

EauMG – Floraïku is a luxury perfume line inspired by Japanese classical arts of refinement. The bottles are stunning but what do they smell like? I’ve tried the entire line and here’s my impressions.

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Painted Ladies – Wondering what to do with a kabuki brush? Or even what a kabuki brush is? Sheila shares the details in the latest Which Makeup Brush Where? All about kabuki brushes.

Phyrra – Do you like light coverage foundations? You need to check out the Nudestix Nudies Tinted Blur Stick. I love it! It’s been my go-to foundation for over a month.

Prime Beauty – Take a trip to Cuba with me and the fun and colorful Cargo Cosmetics Havana Nights Palette!

Realizing Beauty – The Urban Decay Born to Run Collection will have you itching to pack your bags with its range of shades that have you covered for whatever fun you have planned!

(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

we heart this is Currently Craving: sunscreen. Which is funny because I hate sunscreen. (Hold your disdain, I KNOW how wrong this is!) I also know it’s improved from the stinky, white cast version of my youth. I want the new Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection WetForce SPF 50+ because I hear it’s a game changer.

*Cutex 1961 ad from ebay. Sephora is an affiliate link. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “The Lipstick League – Week of 6.25.18 – Summer Lip Colors

  1. The lip colors I will likely wear the most in the summer will be bright pinks, reds, berry, and orange. However, I’m looking for new orange lipsticks because the two that I have don’t have great staying power or the coverage that I’d like. Right now I’m using CoverGirl Outlast Fireball and Lord & Berry Pinkish Orange Crayon Lipstick.

    What are your favorite orange (can be coral to pinkish orange) lipsticks that wear well? I have olive skin tone.

    1. Quick non-orange suggestion – I am absolutely loving Burberry Lip Velvet Magenta Pink. It’s so bright without being ridiculous. It makes me feel alive! lol

      Oranges – I have to think. I always forget stuff I like, pathetic, I know. I don’t really wear flattering oranges, just emulate the orange/olive combos of nonnas and abuelitas. My favorite obnoxious orange is MAC Morange. Staying power isn’t great but Maybelline Coral Crush is really pretty (a coral that seems really 50-ish/retro). My favorite spendy one is YSL Le Orange. Long-wearing, I absolutely love WnW Catsuit in Flame of the Game (a good dupe for the more expensive Smashbox Thrill Seeker). And I like NYX Soft Matte in Manila (a coral that reminds me of tulips) and Morocco (more of a true coral). San Juan is great too. I usually don’t love liquid lipsticks but the WnW and NYX are comfortable on me. Coloupop Mama is a terracotta orange that I think is absolutely lovely on olive complexions (and wears all day).

      1. Thanks, that’s helpful! I think I’m going to start with some Maybellines because they’re cheap and available on Amazon. Trying to decide which coral – Craving Coral, which is matte or Coral Crush. Also, probably going to buy Electric Orange. I’m also considering Tarte Fiery Orange (if I remember the name correctly) in their Rainforest line because I like the way those wear.

        Also, I love the look of the orange lipstick in the Cutex ad!

        1. I don’t mind the Maybelline mattes. The ones I have wear comfortably. They had a limited edition one (can’t remember the name), wait a sec, it is Electric Orange! I have that and it’s really pretty. I haven’t tried any of the Tarte Rainforest lipsticks.

          That one in the Cutex ad is exactly what I want right now. It’s sort of glossy but full-coverage. It’s a good look.

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