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The Lipstick League – Week of 5/5/14

Nancy Kelly

The Lipstick League – Week of 5.5.14

Question of the Week: Tell us what products are in your purse right now.

EauMG’s Answer: You guys will not believe this and I hope it doesn’t ruin any of my blog’n cred, but I don’t carry a purse. I used to but then I realized that I hated carrying a purse. And all I did was haul around unnecessary crap that resulted in back pain. So, I stopped. And guess what? I can (and do) totally live without it. I do carry a backpack when I commute to work on work days but it just carries my work stuff (laptop, etc), keys, sunscreen, my lunch, a little emergency/first aid kit and a pair of sunglasses. Everyday I carry a little crossbody wallet (like tourists carry) with my ID, cards, bus pass, cell phone, library card and one lippie. Right now that lippie is Revlon ColorBurst Lip Balm in Candy Apple. I switch out my lippie when I feel like it. 

Prime Beauty – keeps her peepers clean and hydrated with Tarte’s fabulous new Fresh Eyes Maracuja Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Wipes. Trust me, you’re gonna LOVE them, pinky swear!

Phyrra – shares her April Beauty Favorites!

we heart this – checks out (and swatches) the electric cotton candy hued shades of MAC Playland.

Clumps of Mascara – is absolutely in love with her nails. She will never remove this look and wear it forever. And ever.

EauMG – celebrates its 6th year blogiversary! (And Victoria celebrates a birthday too!)

Gouldylox Reviews – I’m so in love with this shadow palette…and it’s under $15!

My Beauty Bunny – Blueberry season is almost here! Get in on the action early with Airelle Skin Care, a natural line that uses the sweet berries to improve the tone, texture and overall appearance of skin!

Nouveau Cheap – The weather’s warming up and that means it’s time for bright, pretty nail colors. Check out my swatches of the brand new Wet n Wild Summer 2014 Limited Edition Megalast Nail Color Collection. Fun and (way) affordable!

Pink Sith – Short on time in the morning? Well I have a Busy Mom’s 15 Minute Makeup Routine that might just get you glammed up with time to spare!

Guest Post of the Week, as chosen by Prime BeautyGlamorable covers the gamut of beauty, accessories, subscription boxes and nail polish with flair. Anastasia is originally from Moscow, Russia and only moved to the US in September 2011. Her photography skills are amazing; I want everything she photographs, whether it’s a drugstore lipstick or high-end skincare.

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2 thoughts on “The Lipstick League – Week of 5/5/14

  1. I’m so impressed!!! I carry a tiny wallet with a handle for one lip product, plus ID, library card, debit card, protein bar. I’m loving NYX matte lip colors right now. I really had problems even carrying a backpack. I was afraid TLC was going to start a reality show based on women who over stuff their purses called “purse stash hoard and the poor men who love these women”.

    1. I LOVE those NYX Matte lippies. I have 4 and they are in heavy rotation. My lips have been chapped, so I switched over to the balm for the time being.

      Backpack I just associate with work so it never has anything “cool” in it. It’s purely functional. I realize that even though I don’t drive, etc. that I can get myself home or what I need if I just have my cash and ID with me, no need to carry crap around.

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