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The Lipstick League – Week of 5.26.14

Marian Marsh

The Lipstick League – week of 5.26.14

Question of the Week: Happy June! Share with us some of your favorite beauty products that you discovered in the first half of 2014.

EauMG’s Answer: How the heck is it June already? In the beauty department my favorite product discovery is Revlon ColorBurst Matte Lip Balm. These are long-wearing, easy to use and the colors are full-coverage! In the fragrance department, my favorite has been a perfume not launched in 2014 but discovered in 2014, Jacomo Silence Eau Sublime. 

Well, I’m back from the Istanbul vacation. This week has been one of those time warp’n fast ones. I’ve been sick with an ear infection and bronchitis (don’t you love flying?). Both dogs have been sick with allergies from their country retreat. Remind me: Why did I decide to get pug-like things with their pug-like sensitives? We’re all feeling better however today we’re moving (only across town, but moving is moving). I did “packing while sick” so I imagine the unpacking process will be amusing. “Honey, where’s the lid to the blender?” “Oh, you know, in the box of Japanese poetry books, solid perfumes and vintage turbans. Duh.” By this time next week, I’ll be Lipstick League’n from the new place 🙂 Probably in chaos but at least the moving will be over!

Beauty Junkies Unite – Amber has the scoop on a very interesting new-to-market at-home hair color concept that’s “automatic” and “reusable”. What does that even mean?

EauMG – discovers one of those rare gourmands that you want to wear in the heat of summer! If you love yummy ‘fumes, check out this refreshing vanilla.

Gouldylox Reviews – Want to really make your eyes pop this summer? Check out these double ended liners!

My Beauty Bunny – The Dead Sea has long been known as a beauty wonder – and here’s your chance to see why. Stop by and enter to win a prize package of Aqua Therapy Dead Sea products worth over $75!

Nouveau Cheap – Like OHMYGAWD! You totally need to see the BH Cosmetics Eye on the 80s Palette. It’s totally rad, dude. Fer sure. Like totally.

Pink Sith – reminds you that Father’s Day is on June 15th! She has a list of 7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas to get you started with your shopping.

Phyrra – shares her purple hair gradient tutorial video.

we heart this – checks out the new additions to the BPAL Excolo collection, scents based on gods and priests, spirits and beasts; all dedicated to love.

Guest Post of the Week, as chosen by Beauty Junkies Unite – Susan Yara is the host of a new, AMAZING YouTube channel called MixedMakeup. I’m a big fan of her series, The Cut, where she gives you the scoop on a new product, very quickly, yet thoroughly. Don’t miss this short segment with NudeSTIX. She has me yearning for this new range of versatile pencils in a very bad way.

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