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The Lipstick League – Week of 3/27/17

Bobbie Gentry

The Lipstick League – week of 3.27.17

Question of the Week: When was the last time you made a dramatic change to your hair (not just a trim or root touch-up)? Tell us what you did!

EauMG’s Answer: If you have kept up with this blog throughout the years or even just go way back on my Instagram, you’ll notice that I have done a lot with my hair throughout the years. I always loved messing with my hair because I had a stylist I truly connected with, like on a spiritual level or something. I moved to NYC area and haven’t clicked with anyone. I started growing out my hair out of laziness. It’s the most boring it’s ever been. It’s all one length, straight and is over halfway down my back. I lack any motivation to do anything with it. I’m going for 90’s goth/witch or big hair Bobbie Gentry, I guess.You know how they say women make major hair changes with the major changes in their lives? I totally disagree. With more going on (more changes), I tend to *not* do anything to my hair. When my life has stability, I experiment and make big changes. Anyway, the last thing I actually did to my hair was go into a Korean salon and request “generic white girl hair”. I ended up with a wavy “lob” and highlights. I grew tired of this rather quickly but it was good to do something “normal”, I guess.

Beauty Junkies Unite – If you don’t already know how GORGEOUS Benefit’s new box of blush is, you’re going to want to check out my review of their latest GALifornia blush!

Clumps of Mascara – I love so much about Shea Moisture Cosmetics and I’ve been a fan of their skincare and haircare lines even more. But as much love as I have for them, there are a few things they can work on.

EauMG – In celebration of spring, I’ve spent the week reviewing “Purple Flower” perfumes: lilacs, hyacinths, violets and more!

fanserviced-b – The reason you’re going to buy the Dr.Jart+ Firm Lover Rubber Mask is because Dr.Jart+ thought it would be cool to put a rubber-clad baby dom on the packaging. The reason you’re only going to try it once is because it’s expensive and sucks.

Gouldylox – I spent last weekend at America’s Beauty Show in Chicago and one thing was really clear. This trend is so popular, it’s about to go from everything to fetch.

My Beauty Bunny – Last weekend I had a unicorn hair makeover at Spoke and Weal, an Aveda salon. Check out my post for all the details on my results and experience!

Nouveau Cheap – Attention K-Beauty fans! Did you hear that Korean beauty is coming to CVS? Start saving those Extra Care Bucks! Here’s everything you need to know.

Phyrra – Looking for a new foundation? I swatched 49 of the Best Foundations for Fair and Pale Skin. Find a new favorite!

Prime Beauty – Do blondes really have more fun? Find out when Prime Beauty reviews Joico’s Blonde Life Hair Collection!

we heart this – Who’s the brand that brings you all the high end beauty at drugstore prices? ELF! (You’re damn right.) Check out this pigmented blush palette that’s only $6.

(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

Beauty Junkies Unite is Currently Craving: I’m dying to get my hands on a few products from this new skincare line I found at Nordstrom! Youth To The People makes a really interesting facial cleanser; Kale + Green Tea Spinach Age Prevention Cleanser. I need it in my life!

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4 thoughts on “The Lipstick League – Week of 3/27/17

  1. A year or so ago I decided my three-year love affair with blue-white platinum as rendered by my expert stylist (she bleached out my henna to blonde before that, and I still had hair afterwards!) was draining too much out of my budget, and I had her shave all my hair down to a buzz cut. Since then, I’ve grown out the top and it’s more or less a high-and-tight with a bit of an undercut and, when it’s fresh, a shaved part (which I keep from looking too Alt-Nazi with purple, teal and pink in the top bits). (I’m doing that myself – just smearing L’Oreal Colorista, the new dark hair stuff which isn’t bad, into my hair every week or two.)

    1. It’s truly amazing that she was able to do that and you had hair left!! I used to think that red is high maintenance, it is. But, blondes for non-blondes is so much work and really does cost a fortune to keep it up. This has always been why I don’t last more than like 2 months as a blonde before something gets thrown over it.

      I haven’t tried the new L’Oreal but back in the day they had a similar brand that was a foam. The colors were so intense. My hair was already red and I’d use the L’Oreal temp stuff weekly for the brightest red that would even make Kate Pierson jealous.

      Anyway, your hair sounds badass!

  2. I’m in a hair rut which is about to end in a week. I feel ya on the too much stuff to worry about hair. I’m at the half-century mark and decided to let my hair grow long for one last hurrah. It’s the longest it’s been in years (bra-length). I just started curling in long waves which look good but I don’t have time to shower, blow-dry and curl so the curls happen on day 2. My hair really doesn’t look good by day 3 and I detest dry shampoo. So, I’m going back to a medium, layered style that I can achieve with a blow dryer and a good round brush. That’s all I need! As for coloring, pshaw. Mine is au natural salt-n-pepper. I get random compliments on hair color so that’s all good. Truthfully, I love the ease of short/pixie hair and will one day be short again.

    1. Your hair progression sounds like mine. It starts out nice and then goes down hill from there. With long hair, I can’t over wash or it’ll get so dry/damaged. But, I also dislike dry shampoos soo…yeah, I don’t look so great before “wash day”.

      I’ve had short hair for so long and I prefer short/pixie hair. This may sound weird, but even though my hair is long, I still expect to look in the mirror and see a “hairstyle”. Like, I’m always surprised to see long hair. It’s like my “identity” is short hair or something. It’s weird. And one day I will go back to being my “true self”. I thought I’d give this long stuff a few more months before I decide if I’ll do something drastic (I’ll probably take some length off, for sure – medium is more versatile than long).

      I hate hair coloring. I can’t believe when I was younger I actually volunteered for all of that. Now that I have grays, I want to go back and yell at Young Me.

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