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The Lipstick League – Week of 2.29.16

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The Lipstick League – Week of 2.29.16

Question of the Week: Which shower gels/body washes/soaps are currently in your shower?

EauMG’s Answer: I used to be the type of person that kept only one in the shower. These days, I’ve been all about the variety. Currently there is way too much in my shower. I have the following shower gels: Maja, The Body Shop White Musk, LUSH Rose Jam, Malle Lipstick Rose and Yves Rocher Lagoon. I also have a Grisi Donkey’s Milk Bar Soap. And a C. Booth Walnut scrub. That’s too much stuff for one shower. 

Prime Beauty – is amazed at the quality and performance of the Covergirl truNaked Shadow Palettes, not to mention the Oh Sugar Lip Balms!

we heart this – To quote him on Project Runway, the MAC Zac Posen collection makes Stef say “Brava!”

Beautygeeks -loves how a wash of fun liner kicks neutral makeup into Spring. Also: whaddya think of Maybelline’s new millennial-friendly tagline?

Beauty Junkies Unite – You don’t need an Instagram filter to glow! See how well Laura Geller’s new Filter Finish Baked Setting Powder performs for Amber.

Blushing Noir – Making sparse eyebrows look fabulous is no easy task! Check out the tips & products Brooke uses to make her brows WOW!

Clumps of Mascara – I finally found a mascara that has rocked my world. It’s far from cheap but it’s woooonderful!

EauMG – wants to introduce you to indie perfume brands. This month she focusses on a brand with a cult-following located in the rolling hills of California’s wine country.

Gouldylox – This week, Makeup Wars determines the best highlighters for right now. Did your favorite make the list or should you update to something less shiny? We’ve got the answers!

My Beauty Bunny – We are already dreaming of summer and the beach after getting a look at the latest from tarte! Check out our Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Tutorial and Review for all the details!

My Newest Addiction – Laura shares how she stays Feeling Beautiphil with staples from Cetaphil! There is also a pretty fabulous giveaway for a $100 visa gift card!

Nouveau Cheap – I’m all about affordable beauty hacks, so I put these silicone kitchenware products from the dollar store to the test (for cleaning makeup brushes).

Olive & Ivy – How stunning is this makeup look featuring Charlotte Tilbury’s The Vintage Vamp eyeshadow palette?! I’m in absolute love!

Phyrra – Looking for ways to make your blue eyes pop or do you love wearing orange based eyeshadows? Then you need to see the Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette!

(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

Prime Beauty is Currently Craving: the new Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation. I need a little magic in my life!

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4 thoughts on “The Lipstick League – Week of 2.29.16

  1. I still have faint memories of playing around my great-grandmothers vanity, she always had Maja scented things. My mother said GG used Maja when my mom was little too. I think GG used to take regular trips to Mexico to buy it and later in life, had relatives send it to her. So that means she was dedicated to that one scent for at least 40 years if not longer.

    I just finished a bottle of Nubian Heritage Goat Milk & Chai body wash, love it and have gone through many bottles of it. Reminds me of Flowerbomb. About to start a bottle of NH Honey and Black Seed, also love the scent of it and have gone through many bottles.

    1. My grandmother always used Maja and still does. I’d say it’s been 40 or so years for her too! That’s dedication!

      I love NH and Shea Moisture products. The scents are really good. I have no tried the Chai one but have been tempted by it. The Honey one is so good. My little brother ended up “taking” mine (I gave it to him).

      Slightly off topic, I didn’t realize that NH has deodorants until the other day. If they smell like the body washes, I totally want one.

      1. I’ve wanted to try the NH deodorants too. I bought Schmidt’s Cedarwood & Juniper deodorant and it is so hard to use, it doesn’t glide at all, it like grips your skin which makes it really hard to apply. You have to hold it against your skin for a few seconds to warm it up to even be able to apply any, such a pain. It smells really good though and works well enough. Most of the time I just use the aluminum free Arm & Hammer deodorant though. I’ve been wanting to try one of the Lavanila ones though as I’ve heard they’re good.

        Back to the NH body wash, I tried their new patchouli scented one and was not impressed. I mean it was ok, but something about it just smelled kind of…off, and I normally really like patchouli scented things. Maybe I got an off bottle or something.

        1. I have had such a hard time finding a deodorant that I like. Currently, I use a Nivea liquid-y thing that I pick up abroad or have others do for me. I want an aluminum free one but haven’t had good luck with the all natural stuff. I’m this terrible combo of really sweaty but also have sensitive armpits (rash, pain, etc.). I love the way the Schmidt ones smell but yeah, they hurt me (that lack of glide?) I wasn’t aware that Arm & Hammer has an aluminum free one so I should check that out. In the past I have used Lavanila. They did work for me but the scents are sort of “off” compared to the same scents in their other products. Some of them do not smell pleasant to me at all.

          Really good to know. I was going to order the patchouli body wash and the Honey deodorant. I have a feeling since I love patchouli so much that if that one is even a little off, I’m going to be disappointed. So, I’m going to try to sniff it in person first. However, their site has a great deal on a $50 gift set that has that deodorant I want…

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