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The Lipstick League – Week of 12.26.16

Sari Maritza

The Lipstick League – Week of 12.26.16

Question of the Week: If you had to make a beauty resolution for the new year, what would it be? Is there anything you’ve been meaning to do (or not do) in 2017?

EauMG’s Answer: Good question. I’ve been over here thinking about this today. In 2017, I want to use up more of what I already own. This isn’t just with cosmetics. I want to finish the books that I bought and never started to read. I’ve lost some weight and need to go through my clothes and only keep what fits. Back to cosmetics…I want to go on a “low-buy” and limit myself to 2 products a month. I’m going to give myself 3 months where I can buy 3 items (probably my birthday month and the two months that end a semester). My goal with this is to use up what I have, appreciate the things that I already own and to save money (I’m paying for the rest of the non-scholarship part of grad school out of pocket to avoid student loans). This will also have me more conscious of my purchases, hopefully having me buying more of what I need or really, really want. My resolution for 2017 is to buy less and invest more into my experiences such as education, travel and going to shows/museums/etc. 

Also, Happy 2017! I hope this year will be good to you. Thank you so much for putting up with me in 2016. Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing! Cheers to 2017!

Beautygeeks – has been testing Korean skincare brand belif. Here’s the scoop on three items in the belif lineup, including its best-seller-in-Korea.

Blushing Noir – OPI has upped the ante with their Infinite Shine line! The Primer & Gloss now have PROSTAY Technology! What does that mean? It’s better. Obv 😉 Check out my review here, including a comparison to the original!

EauMG – Are there any perfumes that remind you of Christmas? This niche perfume by MariaLux with notes of cinnamon, oranges and incense reminds me of winter holidays.

fanserviced-b – With the turn of the year upon us, I’m sharing my tips for makeup and skincare stash cleaning and organization.

Gouldylox – Forget New Year’s Resolutions. Try these three beauty tips to start glowing now.

Nouveau Cheap – If you haven’t seen the new Royal & Langnickel MODA prismatic oval brushes yet, you need to click right here. They’re coming to a Walmart near you (very) soon!

Phyrra – Phyrra shares the Top 10 Worst Makeup Products of 2016! Did you buy into the hype?

Prime Beauty – Suffer from flat, lifeless hair? Prime Beauty tested out the Voloom Petite Volumizing Iron, a miracle product that will turn your flat hair into BIG, sexy hair and it’s made just for fine or shorter hair! See the before and after.

we heart this – a limited edition blush, a lipstick that’s been around for ages and an affordable skincare product that keeps acne away (even cystic): check out Stef’s 3 favorite beauty products of 2016.

(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

Beautygeeks is Currently Craving: the belif Aqua Bomb Sheet Masks so she can save her True Cream Aqua Bomb light gel cream for face until warm temperatures are here again.

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4 thoughts on “The Lipstick League – Week of 12.26.16

  1. Happy New Year Victoria! Wishing you good health, happiness and the best in your studies. Thanks for all you do for your readers.
    If you ever visit Seattle, perhaps consider a meetup?

    1. AND I’m onboard the low-buy train with you! (Um, even though I just spent over $150 at Fragrantica… but only on things I *love* with 2 exceptions)
      I have no need for makeup, skincare, perfume, clothes, shoes, books, accessories, kitchen stuff, etc etc. Really the only thing I should be researching is living room furniture but I’m bad at that so I’m looking for an interior designer to work pro bono
      So here’s to shopping our stash !

      1. It’s OK to partake in the sales. The problem for me is that I have done that monthly and need to pace myself. Willpower, blah blah.

        If I didn’t have dogs (or a husband), I’d have an emerald green velvet sofa and be living my wannabe art deco fantasy.

        So far, I’m enjoying shopping my stash. I have some nice things that I should be using!

    2. I would love to do that! I was hoping to get to Seattle this month but my dogsitter is moving and I can’t find a replacement just yet 🙁 Hopefully, I’ll be out before summer!

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