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The Lipstick League – Week of 1.9.17

Chen Yu ad

The Lipstick League – week of 1.9.17

Question of the Week: What is your go-to shade of nail polish? Do you have a different go-to shade for your toes?

EauMG’s Answer: I’ve just recently started painting my nails again. My go-tos are the classics. I like a glossy red. Right now I’m so into FlossGloss Gangsta Boo, a perfect red in partnership with a perfect rapper. If it’s not red, then I go for another classic…black. I don’t paint my toes or get them painted. I’m a weirdo and you can laugh, put painted toes have always weirded me out. But, only on myself, not other people. Like I said, I’m weird. 

Blushing Noir – HUGE DEALS at Rite Aid & NOW is the time to stock up on your holy grail beauty! See all of the Buy One Get One BEAUTY DEALS + get $20 when you spend $50. It’s basically madness.

Clumps of Mascara – As if I needed yet another reason to be obsessed with Urban Decay.

EauMG – If you were to make a perfume inspired by snow, what would it smell like? Well, apparently this French brand thinks snow smells like powdery white musk.

fanserviced-b – If you’ve been wondering whether Beauty Pie, the new transparent-pricing (read: SUPER CHEAP) luxury makeup brand is worth a try, I have swatches and ingredient comparisons with similar prestige makeup that you need to see.

Gouldylox – Forget nude lips, try these metallic beauties for a twist on your 2017 look!

My Beauty Bunny – Curious about lash growth serums? I’m reviewing vegaLASH and sharing my impressive results!

My Newest Addiction – Laura shares with us her recent discovery of Formulary 55. She describes it as the old school bar of soap, reinvented.

Nouveau Cheap – Attention Target shoppers! Lots of exciting things are coming to the Target beauty department (very soon).

Phyrra – Looking for a new nude, MLBB or living dead girl lipstick? I’ve got 30 of the Best Nude Lipsticks for Pale Skin! You’re sure to find the perfect shade for you.

Beautygeeks -geeked out with makeup artist Chase Aston about Kate Beckinsale’s beauty challenges when filming Underworld: Blood Wars.

Beauty Junkies Unite – Amber has the scoop on two of the newest releases for 2017 from The Body Shop — see what they are!

(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

Blushing Noir is Currently Craving: I need more beauty bags like a hole in the head but the SEPHORA COLLECTION Frosted Light Line got me like…. WHOA.

*Some posts may contain affiliate links. 1940’s Chen Yu makeup ad from an etsy seller.

2 thoughts on “The Lipstick League – Week of 1.9.17

  1. I use OPI’s black or Russian Navy on my toes.I paint my own toes. I have a fear of pedicures. Lately I’ve been getting gel manicures because it doesn’t chip and I have to keep my nails very short. I wash my hands over twenty times a day for work. Gel manicures take the abuse very well. On my hands I’ve been loving OPI’s Hello Kitty Red. It’s a true red. On another note, in regards to your current cravings, I just purchased my first Malle travel spray of POAL and had a very difficult time finding it. Everyone was out of stock online. Another note, OPI came out with a Jade green nail color that I would love to try on my feet.

    1. These colors sound so wonderful. I realized that when I moved, I gave away all my nail colors prior. I had nothing but a clear coat. I have bought a red, a pink and a black (which leans navy/blue). I feel like I could use 2 more to have a nice nail wardrobe and gosh, a jade sounds so perfect. I’m going to see if I can find it 🙂 It sounds exactly like what I want. I figure my other color should be a metallic like a rose gold or champagne.

      My mom keeps telling me to a gel manicure. My nails are very weak because of medical reasons and FINALLY they are getting stronger after addressing the root problem. But, still my nails are so fragile and frequent hand washing ruins them and any manicure I try to give myself. She swears by them.

      I noticed that they are sold out of PAOL on all the sites. There’s a Malle boutique in NYC and they have them (or at least they did a few weeks ago). I love the travel sizes for the ones that I like but don’t wear too frequently. I need to get it in Iris Poudree.

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