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The Lipstick League – Week of 1/8/18 – Biggest Skincare Issue

Edith Bagaaya

The Lipstick League – week of 1.8.18

Question of the Week: What’s your biggest skincare issue, and which product(s) do you use to help with that issue?

EauMG’s Answer: Cystic acne. It’s the absolute worst. I keep meaning to write about my experience with it. Basically, my skin was perfect until I reached my 30’s. At this time, every thing went to heck. To abbreviate this long story, it’s not just products that manage this. I take medication, use topical prescriptions, avoid certain ingredients and hope for the best. 

My Beauty Bunny – Jen wants to set the record straight about this “fake news” meme that has gone viral with her name on it.

Phyrra – Have you seen the Urban Decay Kristen Leanne Collection? I’m in love with it! I do a demo with all of the eyeshadows on my eyes and the rest of the products on my face. You need to see it.

Prime Beauty – There is a fabulous new makeup subscription box called Deck of Scarlet. Every two months you will receive a new makeup palette curated by a popular YouTuber. I got ahold of the January/February Edition from Nikkia Joy!

we heart this – Can’t afford a stay at famous and fabulous The Golden Door? Us either. BUT! You can get a bit of its vibe at home with their skincare line, including the uber-luxurious Golden Face Oil.

Blushing Noir – LIVE your most colorful life! The Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne Collection is available now and you definitely need to get your hands on ALL OF IT. Check out the full review, swatches and multiple looks here.

EauMG – Here’s a list of all the random beauty stuff I bought off of Amazon in 2017.

(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

My Beauty Bunny is Currently Craving: the new Vanish Flash Highlighting Sticks from Hourglass Cosmetics. Cruelty free, weightless, easy to use, and comes in five shades? Sign me up!

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