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The Lipstick League – Week of 1.18.16

Yardley masks

The Lipstick League – Week of 1.18.16

Question of the Week: What are your feelings about the current sheet mask craze? Have you ever tried one? If so, do you prefer them to traditional facial masks?

EauMG’s Answer: Well, if you guys read my Empties posts, you know that I use them! Typically I use about 4-5 sheet masks a month. As far as preferring them, it depends. I also use wash-off gel, cream or clay masks. I like to use a mask that addresses whichever skin issue that I have going on at the time. And I tend to use sheet masks more in the summer because of their refreshing/cooling feel. Right now, I’m going through a wash-off cream mask phase but I love sheet masks. 

Love for Lacquer – Looking for a GREAT Valentine’s Day Polish Collection? Check out these 6 shades from Sassy Pants Polish!

My Newest Addiction – Laura recently tried out some of the new releases from Maybelline and she shows us how to master your contour in one of her recent posts!

Nouveau Cheap – After hearing so many people in the beauty community rave about using Nivea Men Post Shave Balm as makeup primer, I finally had to try it for myself. Is it worthy of the hype? Here’s my verdict.

Phyrra – Urban Decay is celebrating their 20th anniversary with the Urban Decay XX Vice LTD Reloaded Palette! Check out my video review, swatches, and look!

Prime Beauty – finally found a Superhero she can get behind–IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara. Find out if it can lengthen lashes in a single stroke!

we heart this – we’ve got nothing but love (always love) for the 2 newest NARS spring 2016 palettes. You will too after you check out the photos!

Beautygeeks – Watchu wearing under there? 13 awesome tips + 15 great recommendations for sub-zero-stressed skin.

Blushing Noir – Quite possibly the best foundation ever for anyone with oily skin! Read the review of the new NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint from the oiliest blogger in all the land.

Clumps of Mascara – What’s a beauty blogger without her tools? Good question! These are my absolute MUST HAVE beauty tools.

EauMG – The East Coast is expecting a blizzard! But, Victoria is smitten by this natural peach perfume that reminds her of summer.

Gouldylox ReviewsWrinkles and acne are a struggle for which I didn’t sign up. However, there’s a one-of-a-kind product that treats both, which is kind of amazing.  I’ve got a coupon code for you, too!

(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

*Yardley 1967 mask ad from an eBay listing.


4 thoughts on “The Lipstick League – Week of 1.18.16

  1. I have been spoiling myself with MASKS of all kinds! I’m loving the sleeping masks. It’s for the lazy person in me. I try to use them two to three times a month. If I could drink wine, spritz my perfume and wear a mask to the movies, I would be in heaven. Someday….

    1. You’ve described my perfect evening even if it is may not be so socially acceptable 😉 For now, my favorite evenings are like fancy candle, book or movie, wine, perfume and masks while wearing a Natori caftan.

      Which sort of sleeping masks are you into right now? I have a couple but they are better for my not-so-dry summer skin (Laniege and TonyMoly). I’d like to try a few more. It’s another excuse to buy masks…

  2. I really like the TonyMoly snail mask and the “Pearl” sheet mask from Sephora. I’ve also been having One (just one!) Sofia Blanc de Blanc tiny cans of bubbly. It makes me feel fancy while I’m watching Jessica Jones and old episodes of Alias. I’m upping my game on Tazerac also. Pea size amount under my sheet mask.

    1. Aren’t those little cans adorable??? I have no idea why those little things attract me like they do, but they do.

      I thought about upping my % of Retin A this year, but I think I’ll keep using .05 (for this year).

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