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The Lipstick League – Week of 1.11.16

Anita Loos

The Lipstick League – Week of 1.11.16

Question of the Week: If you purchased any beauty products over the holidays (those sales!), how are those products working for you now that you’ve had them for a few weeks?

EauMG’s Answer: The only thing I bought (beauty-wise) was that order from Yves Rocher. Honestly, I haven’t tried any of it yet. I bought a lot of shower gels. I’m going to use up what’s currently in the shower before starting these. There have been so many tempting sales in January. I’ve done a good job of avoiding anything that I don’t need. I bought clothes, but I needed those. I don’t know how to dress for winter. 

Gouldylox Reviews – In 2016, a spa day is the new sick day. Here’s how to perfect your at-home spa treatments for maximum relaxation. (Plus some tv shows you should be watching.)

My Beauty Bunny – On a budget after the holidays? We’ve got your wallet-friendly beauty fix with this NYX Cosmetics Unraveled Makeup Set Review and Tutorial!

My Newest Addiction – Laura has been loving Guerlain Skincare and in her lateset post she gushes over the Eau de Beauty Micellar Cleansing Water and Creme De Beaute Gentle Cleansing Cream.

Nouveau Cheap – Did you hear the news? Essence Cosmetics is coming to Target! And if that’s not exciting enough, when the line rolls out online and in-store this month, there will be new Target-exclusives.

Phyrra – shares her skincare routine for Anti-Aging, Sensitive, Rosacea and Dry Skin. See her recommendations if you have any of these skin concerns!

Prime Beauty – is taking the opportunity of a new year to get her makeup organized. And you can too with this Melody Susie Cosmetics Organizer she’s giving away!

we heart this – We’ve flipped our skincare lovin’ heads for this dynamic duo from an iconic French skincare line (I bet you didn’t even know it was a French brand!)

Beauty Junkies Unite – Amber finds out if Garnier’s new Micellar Cleansing Water is a suitable dupe for Bioderm’s Sensibio H2O Micellar Cleansing Water!

Clumps of Mascara – Tis the season for decluttering! I finally tackled my beauty stash under the sink. As a reward, I treated myself to some fabulous skincare and haircare goodies.

EauMG – My wonderful readers have voted for their favorite new perfumes launched in 2015 and here’s the results!

(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

Gouldylox is Currently Craving: a serious skincare makeover! My fine lines are out of control and I want MORE radiance. I’m determined to skip botox and focus on keeping my skin healthy. The products I’m dying to try? This new skincare line from BareMinerals.

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4 thoughts on “The Lipstick League – Week of 1.11.16

  1. Cosmetic wise I bought the Becca blush in Flowerchild and it’s amazing. The color payoff is no joke. I also bought some OCC Lip Tar in Role Play. Did a trial run and it’s amazing too but I haven’t actually worn it outside of the house yet. I got the Bobbi Brown lip gloss in Canary and honestly, the consistency is a bit thicker than I think it should be. I don’t know if it’s because it’s kind of dried out or if there’s just so much pigment packed into it that that is what’s making it thicker than most lip glosses I’ve tried. So I’m kind of on the fence about returning it.

    I kind of went crazy stocking up on vitamins and natural skin care over the holidays, the sales were so good. I primarily bought tried and true products that I’ve been using for years but one of the new items was the Acure Marula oil and it’s amazing. I’ve tried a lot of different oils on my face and it’s kind of like my skin slightly rejects some of those, like the oil never completely soaks in. Not so with marula oil, completely absorbed within 10 minutes. I also have been trying to find a more natural replacement for my fave lip balm (Nivea Olive Oil & Lemon) and the best out of the bunch that I bought is Avalon Organics Vanilla Rosemary. Smooth texture and soaks in really well and I really like the hint of rosemary.

    1. Don’t tell me about that Becca blush 🙂 I went through my makeup and realize I don’t have a lot of blushes unless they are cream based.
      I’m so weird about lip gloss. I don’t like the really thin ones because they need reapplied too frequently. I’m not opposed to thicker ones since they last longer, but I do not want them to be so thick they leave a weird build-up on the lips. I’ve read somewhere that when that build-up occurs, it’s dead skin on the lips. I don’t think it’s that but the formula. I know that with some brands (and even shades in MAC’s line) that I exfoliate right before wearing them and still get some funky, clumpy stuff. I wish I could describe the “just-right” glosses. I just know they aren’t too thin and they aren’t too thick.

      Last month was my supplement month too 🙂 I love Acure products. They are great, especially for the price. My sister “stole” my Marula bottle from me.

      I’ve been obsessed with Hurraw lip balms this month. Have you tried those? I know they have a lemon (I haven’t tried it). And they have some cool Ayurveda ones. I love the feel of the ones that I bought. I will be repurchasing them again.

      1. I’m the opposite, I have no cream blushes and all powder blushes. I’m very tempted to get Becca Lantana now as well.

        Totally understand about clumps and lip gloss. Keeps me from wearing lip gloss as much as I would like.

        I did get a Hurraw lip balm in my haul, the Vata one (rose, cardamom and almond). It’s my second runner up. I was hoping the rose would be stronger and that’s what’s keeping it from being tied for first with the AO rosemary vanilla one. Both have the same slip and texture though. Next time I do a vitamin/skincare haul I will definitely be trying out some of the other Hurraw flavors.

        1. I’ve always been more into cream/liquid blushes than powder. Right now, I really like the ColourPop ones. They feel powdery (but are a cream) and look natural. The only powders that I really have are NARS and they are too shimmery for what I want right now.

          I really like Vata but was expecting for it to be more rose than cherry-almond. Still, I really like it.

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