The Different Company Pure eVe Perfume Review

The Different Company Pure Eve

I don’t have children. I have two pug/French bulldog mixes that make for really difficult, disappointing children. They never have Girl Scout cookies to sell and they smell like corn chips and shrimp boats. However, they are cute and can’t embarrass me in public by telling everyone how infrequently I wear pants around the house. However, Frink and Moxi now have a lot of human cousins. Within the past few years, our siblings just keep having kids. As someone without children and as someone that talks about smells a lot, I couldn’t wait to smell those little babies. People always tell me that babies smell so wonderful! I’ll never forget the disappointment I felt when I put that first little nephew’s baby head up to my nose. He smelled like curdled milk and Crystal hot sauce (probably because my family’s diet consists of 12 oz of Louisiana hot sauce a day). I said to my sister, “Your baby smells terrible. I thought these things were supposed to smell like love and heaven and yours smells like a bad batch of buttermilk”. She basically enlightened me that the lingering scent of his vernix caseosa was fading, that moms think their babies smell the very best because some sort of brain mojo bonding thing, that I was brainwashed by the fresh musky rose of evil Johnson & Johnson and oh, that I’m a jerk. She’s at least correct-to-partially-correct on all accounts.

The Different Company Pure eVe (AKA Pure Virgin¹) is like delicate candied almonds and a sugary, powdery heliotrope. It’s one of those soft, cuddly, “fluffy” fragrances that wears like an angora sweater. It’s the sort of fragrance that I expected my nephew’s newborn head to smell like. It opens as clean linens and Italian/Mexican wedding cookies/polvorónes. The heart has some powdery florals (think like heliotrope and a sheer jasmine) with powdered sugar. There’s also a starchy, cereal-like note that sometimes reminds me of like a puffed rice cereal. The dry-down is a powdery white musk with a lot of vanilla and powdered sugar.

Pure eVe is one of those simple, sweet and “innocent” perfumes that manages to make me think of babies, polvorónes (one of my favorite cookies) and snow. Pure eVe is borderline functional…I mean it does remind me of clean clothes and products we associate with babies, but I’m fine with that. Functional scents probably shape our memories more than anything else. At least these are pleasant things to be reminded of. There’s also the addition of holiday baked goods, so that’s another bonus. It’s a rather linear, boring fragrance, but at least it reminds me of happy things.

Priscilla Lane

Notes listed include aldehydes, flax, mimosa, white rose, cedar, musk, candied almond, sweet notes and dried fruits. Launched in 2011. PERFUMER – Céline Ellena

Give Pure eVe a try if you like powdery scents or white musk fragrances. Or perfumes like Nobile 1942 Muschio Nobile, Smell Bent Dead of Winter, Etro Heliotrope, Love’s Baby Soft, Avon Sweet Honesty and/or Mandorla L’Erbolario.

Projection is below average and longevity is average. It’s one of those closely wearing skin scents.

The 3.4 oz bottle retails for $195 at Beautyhabit. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONSnow cream musk. It may not be an exceptional perfume, but I enjoy wearing it. These days I need more reminders that the world isn’t totally terrible. So, if you remind me of cookies, babies and serenity, I’d say you’re doing some great work as a perfume.

¹They changed the name. I think this is a good thing because I don’t want to tell people I’m wearing Pure Virgin, a term I’m only reserving for olive oils. I also change the name of “Pure eVe” to “Pure eVeL” in my head because I’m a very mature adult.

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*Sample obtained by me. Product pic from the brand. Priscilla Lane pic from Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!