The Different Company De Bachmakov EDP Perfume Review

The Different Company

I didn’t know what the notes were when I first tried The Different Company De Bachmakov but it was eerily familiar even though I knew it wasn’t one memory but multiple scent memories. I smelled air conditioning and fig leaves which reminded me of elementary summer vacations. I then got No. 2 yellow pencil shavings and chalkboards with an air conditioner coolness with a little bit of mildew that resides in those. It was like going back to elementary school after summer vacation. To my surprise when I finally read the notes listed, chalk is actually a note listed.

De Bachmakov opens with bitter citrus and green fig leaves. Chalk dust. Spicy shiso leaves muddled into gin. Platter of Vietnamese herbs. Cumin laced freesia. Cool limestone and powdery chalk. It all blends together seamlessly. A masterpiece.

My experiences vary from the perfumer’s. This is inspired by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena’s Russian ancestry. I’m thinking of Atlanta in August. But, I still relate to the coolness and crispness of this one.

*In unrelated to this fragrance news…I got a little sad thinking about people testing this perfume, wearing this perfume and then let’s say, rating this perfume on a popular site. It hit me that many of these people were too young for chalk! They were of the dry-erase board era and this scent memory has been completely lost on them.

Elke Sommer

Notes listed include cedar wood, bergamot, shiso, nutmeg, coriander leaves, white freesia and soft chalk accord. Launch date 2010. PERFUMER – Celine Ellena

Give De Bachmakov a try if you are looking for something unlike other perfumes. Or if you like “cool” perfumes like Serge Lutens Un Bas  de Soie, Andrea Maack Craft, Alex Lixfeld 001 and/or Olfactive Studio Lumiere Blanche. 

De Bachmakov has average projection and longevity. Because of its coolness, it seems like a good match for summer. I do like it in summer but I also wear it in the winter.

The 3 oz bottle retails for $230 at Beautyhabit.  Samples are available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION Icy, herbal and chalky. It’s like a Russian gymnast or something. Just too different and too personal for me NOT to want it. I want it and I guess I’ve got to start giving up booze and eating rice and beans for the next month so that I can buy this. Damn.

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*Sample purchased by me. Product pic from Beautyhabit. Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “The Different Company De Bachmakov EDP Perfume Review

    1. Well, if you know chalk you should recognize it in this!

      I really want a bottle of this. Have I mentioned that? 😉

    1. A little bit of Christopher Street will last and last. That’s why I like it. It has persistence which totally goes with the story that it tells.

      There is one Mikmoi that I haven’t tried yet, the one inspired by Thailand.

    1. Yes and I like it. But, I do find that sidewalk chalk smells slightly different than the little white school kid sticks. Or maybe that has to do with environment…like things are just different when outside.

      You’ve got to try this one, it’s really interesting.

    1. You just don’t find shiso leaves in perfume too frequently and it’s a great herb. (DSH Perfumes has Wasabi Shiso which is a fiery, spicy shiso). I love this one, it’s so well done.

  1. Everything but shiso leaves sounds very interesting (and I’m old enough to remember the smell of chalk). I will definitely try it when I come across it the next time.

    I think it’s the first time I see your new design. I like it a lot (but I’d probably want to see an updated header picture as well).
    Undina recently posted..Entertaining Statistics: July 2013

    1. Slightly off topic, I liked the aroma of shiso so much that I decided to make a shiso simple syrup. It was disgusting.

      Working on it 😉

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