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Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner Review

Thayers Rosewater Witch Hazel Toner ReviewWeekly Cheap Secret:

I’ve been using Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Alcohol-Free Toner for years. This is the toner that I prefer from fall through spring. This is my favorite alcohol-free toner.  The formula is simple and I love the rosewater aroma. The story is that this formula is based on the formula that Victorian-era Rose Thayer used over 150 years ago. Everyone complimented on her skin, which looked at least 10 years younger than her age. Isn’t it amazing what rosewater, lack of sun exposure, and not working hard does for your skin? 🙂

1855 Women's fashions
mid-1850's women's fashions; I love collecting these catalog prints!

The formula: This is a very simple alcohol-free toner. The formula contains aloe vera, rosewater, and witch hazel. The formula is a clear liquid. It doesn’t feel heavy like some alcohol-free toners and it doesn’t leave a residue. It removes any traces of makeup without drying out my skin. This is a great product for normal or dry skin types.

The fragrance & packaging: If you have smelled rosewater, then you’ve smelled Thayers. This is simply that aroma of “rose glycerin” used in many old-fashioned apothecary skincare products. I love this smell. It’s light and feminine, not overwhelming at all. There is not a fragrant trace of witch hazel which some people find offensive to the sniffer. I think this would also make a beautiful room or linen freshening spray. Or even put in a spray bottle as a body spray. The packaging is simple too. It’s a big 12 fl.oz clear bottle. I love the antique apothecary label/sticker. Yeah, it’s been updated, it does have a bar code, but it still has that 150 years ago feel.

Who may like this? I recommend this toner for those with dry or normal skin types who like alcohol-free toners. I also think this formula is appropriate for sensitive skins or for those that want a gentle toner that doesn’t burn your skin off like Sea Breeze Astringent! If you like the smell of rosewater or rose glycerin products such as Dr. Hunter, then you’ll like this. Like I said, you can also use this in a spray bottle as a body spray or linen spray.

Who may not like this? Those that like alcohol based toners. Those that dislike scented skincare products. Or those that hate the smell of rosewater. Oh, and gentlemen may not like the feminine rose fragrance but I think a man in rose is very sexy 🙂

A 12 fl.oz. bottle of Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner retails for under $10. It is available at I buy it at the local market for about $7. A bottle lasts a very long time, like 6 months.

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  1. I want to try this. I love rose water. If it doesn’t work for my complexion then I can always use it as a room freshener, right?

    1. That’s how I look at it! I thought if I didn’t like it then I’d find a use for something so versatile, but luckily I love it.

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