Terveer Incense & Gardenia Perfume Oil Reviews

Terveer Incense

A few months ago, I was introduced to the Terveer line. It’s a line of perfume oils housed in a a luxurious refillable vessel. I reviewed Green, a fragrance that really lives up to its name. There are two more in the line and here’s my impressions:


Incense is like a smoky, sweet incense. It’s exactly the sort of fragrance that I’m craving in late fall. It’s an effervescent, citrus-hued frankincense over exotic smoky woods. What I like about Incense, is that there’s a roundness, a sweetness to it that isn’t like vanilla or tonka bean sweet. It’s an emphasis on that honeyed, “sticky” sweetness of incense resins. This pairs wonderfully with the sharp woods and smoke. The overall feel is like the most meditative bonfire ever.

Notes listed include bergamot, tobacco flower, burnt firewood, oud and black frankincense. PERFUMER – Jean-Claude DeVille

Give it a try if you like incense fragrances. Or if you like perfumes like Comme de Garcons Incense Series, April Aromatics Calling All AngelsAftelier Ancient Resins, CB I Hate Perfume Fire from Heaven, Sonoma Studio Incense Pure and/or Phaedon Oliban.

Incense wears closely to the skin but has above average longevity.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONSmoky, sweet incense. I have a lot of these sort of things in my collection, but there’s something I really like about this one. I love how mellow it is. It’s comforting, calming and frankly, I need more of that in my life. I think Incense may be my favorite from the line.


Terveer Gardenia Perfume Oil


Gardenia is a heady, tropical white floral. It opens with an ozonic freshness of ripe melon. This is over heady white florals. The florals are greener than most and because there’s a fruitiness, it reminds me more of like a “pink bouquet” than a bouquet of white flowers. It’s not indolic, but more soapy with fruits. Gardenia is a really clean, pristine tropical floral over warm woods. I think of it like a happy memory of a tropical vacation.

Notes listed include clementine, gardenia, tuberose, pikake, pink plumeria, soft woods and warm musk. PERFUMER – Jean-Claude DeVille

Give Gardenia a try if you like tropical florals or clean white florals. Or if you like perfumes like Kai, Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia, Kim Kardashian, Estee Lauder Private Collection Gardenia Tuberose, Diptyque Olene, Chantecaille Petales and/or Malie Organics Pikake.

Gardenia has much more projection than Incense. Longevity is average. These oils are oil based but they never feel oily. I love that.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONTropical white floral. Personally there are other white florals that I’d rather wear but I’m rather picky with white florals. I tend to like them with some dirtiness and there is no dirtiness to be found in Gardenia. It’s like a squeaky clean “all inclusive resort” in a roll-on. I like my white florals to have had a bit more of a cultural experience. Saying that, it’s great if you want like a “happy tropical vacation” sort of floral. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. That’s how I already own Kai! 

Terveer Perfume Oils retail for $95 at Beautyhabit. Refills are $70.

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