Tauer Une Rose Vermeille EDP Perfume Review

Tauer Une Rose Vermeille

Tauer Une Rose Vermeille is described as a gourmand rose that is an homage to the ever popular rose. Une Rose Vermeille covers the many aspects of rose from it’s refreshing citrus side to its sweet, candied and edible side. Rose is frequently and commonly used in perfume. We know stuffy, formal roses; we know childlike, innocent roses. We know thorny, living roses. How is Tauer’s rose different than the thousands of other rose perfumes that we’ve sniffed before? Une Rose Vermeille is an homage to the diverse usage of rose in perfumery. It’s all of them and none of them. Une Rose Vermeille is also an homage to femininity. It flirts with all of the popular feminine stereotypes/characters used in literature and in cinema. Une Rose Vermeille is like the Cindy Sherman of perfume.

Cindy Sherman Untitled Film Still #13

Une Rose Vermeille opens as this head-spinning, intoxicating blend of warm cotton candy rose-violet and this cool, camphoric lavender. Do not let my “cotton candy rose” scare you. It’s a very sweet berry-violet-rose but grown-up because of the parade of other notes in this perfume. There’s Tauer-esque incense, not smoke, but steam peeking through, creating acrid warmth. It smells like frankincense and sandalwood incense steam. The rose is an old-fashioned red rose that has a rich, citrus component. Rose Vermeille is every where and so much is happening at once. It’s brash but in a good way. It’s the “I’m every woman” of the perfume world. Like I said, there’s this coy-innocent violet candy floss, a mature matriarch rose, gamine-tomboy lavender and this sultry-exotic seducing incense steam. It covers the entire spectrum of popular female characters. It covers the citrus, green, sweet and velvety aspect of rose as well. The base is more of a macaroon incense, sweet but steamy. Childish and grown-up.

Cindy Sherman film Still #7 from MoMA

Une Rose Vermeille is brash and that’s why I love it. It’s all these feminine stereotypes wrapped up into one: the lolita, the diva, the tomboy, the seductress, the matriarch. This is why I call it the Cindy Sherman of perfume.

I can see people not liking Rose Vermeille because so much is happening all at once and the perfume is a real “bodysnatcher”. It jumps around, switches characters and plays many roles. Rose Vermeille also contains notes that turn many people off such as an aromatic lavender and old-fashioned rose. I find this chameleon of a fragrance very charming.

Notes listed include lemon, bergamot, lavender, Bulgarian rose, raspberry, violet, vanilla, Fijian sandalwood, tonka bean, and ambergris. PERFUMER Andy Tauer

Give Une Rose Vermeille a try if you like gourmand florals or sweeter florals or perfumes like Guerlain Insolence, Bond No.9 NY Bryant Park, Hanae Mori Butterfly, Parfumerie Generale Bruleure de Rose and/or Givenchy Hot Couture. Compared to other Tauers, I find that Une Rose Vermeille isn’t as long-lasting and usually fades on me at 5 hours.

An 1 oz bottle of Une Rose Vermeille retails for $133 and is available at Tauer’s online boutique.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA cotton candy rose over macaroon incense. A gourmand rose. I like Rose Vermeille but I don’t love it. I’m interested in a bottle but I’ll decide that when my sample is gone.

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Cindy Sherman Untitled Film Still #13 and Untitled Film Still #7 are from MoMA. Product pick from Tauer.

8 thoughts on “Tauer Une Rose Vermeille EDP Perfume Review

    1. Now I’m going to find your review.
      I like this perfume, maybe it’s the “cotton candy” but I find it so playful and almost tongue-in-cheek, like Cindy Sherman 🙂

  1. I really enjoy this perfume, and enjoyed your take on it. “Macaroon incense” is such an interesting description.

  2. Now when it’s colder I’ll wear my sample of URV a couple more times and also decide if I need to have a FB in my collection. It looks very promissing since I try to add at least one FB for every brand I like (my way of paying my respect to and supporting brands – even if those are big ones) and I think URV works for me the best.

    I liked your “cotton candy” analogy and it didn’t scare me (well, for obvious reason that I like URV).

    I hope you feel better today.
    Undina recently posted..New Year Resolutions: October

    1. I know what you mean. I do like to have a bottle to represent each brand that I like. The more I’m trying URV, the more I’m liking it. It seems to actually be better in the cooler weather.

      Cotton candy is such a term that scares people. But, I think of this as the most indulgent, gourmet cotton candy around. It’s not just sweet but it has fruits and florals.

      Looks like I have a cold, my sniffer is off 🙁

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