Tauer Tauerville Fruitchouli Flash Perfume Review

Tauer Tauerville Fruitchouli Flash perfume

Oh, the fruitichouli perfume…it’s been like 20 years of this. What is “this”? Well, it’s a type of perfume that pairs fruits and patchouli, usually with about 10 tablespoons of sugar per 1/3 oz of alcohol-based perfume. As a complete and total patch-head, I was actually into this genre considering the “alternatives”. But, then the perfumes kept happening. They never ended. If you bought designer perfumes, you could either choose from the Good Witch, fruity floral, or the Bad Witch, fruitichouli. These were your only options unless you bought niche. But, then niche just turned into designer and everywhere you looked, it seemed like all you could get was a sundae of fruits and patchouli smothered in caramel.

Approaching 20 years of this trend, an indie perfumer decided to give us a very literal, almost aggressive version of this popular perfume genre. And guess what? After hearing about this, I was interested in the fruitichouli perfume genre again. Market saturation aside, I was disappointed with the genre mainly because it didn’t go far enough. It felt too restrained. The patchouli was always scrubbed. The fruits were never bruised. Fruitichoulis were too perfect.

I’m just going to get it out of the way and let you know that Fruitchouli Flash leans towards the sweet side, just like its designer counterparts. The opening is like juicy peaches and syrup. But, as we expected, there’s a lot of patchouli. Even in the beginning, there’s hints of earth and bark. The patchouli, which is the feature presentation, is not waiting through the previews. There’s also a slightly spicy, jammy rose…and cellophane. Overall, the perfume wears rather literal. It’s peaches and patchouli. It’s a literal fruitichouli. This changes in the base. I pick up more of the white florals. It’s like gardenia and jasmine paired with patchouli-musk. The base reminds me of a more hippie, more “DIY” version of the cult-classic Gucci Rush. Yet, the patchouli makes me think of the Belle Epoque era. So, there’s that.

The notes and even my review may read like the progression of any other fruitichouli perfume on the market. However, Fruitchouli Flash is different because of how its constructed and partially because of its ingredients. I can tell that the patchouli used is the real deal so it comes across as earthy and thicker, like patchouli oil. The peaches, spices, roses and musk are all very Tauer-ish. What does that mean? It’s not restrained. And this lack of restraint, opaqueness and “indie-ness” is exactly why perfumes like L’Air du Desert Marocain have become cult classics.

Dancer Cleo de Merode

Notes listed include apricot, peach, rose, white flowers, patchouli and musk. Launched in 2016. PERFUMER – Andy Tauer

Give Fruitchouli Flash a try if you like patchouli or wish that fruitichoulis weren’t scared to get dirty. Or perfumes like Gucci Rush, Al-Rehab Rasha, Histoires de Parfums 1969, and/or the entire “LUSH aesthetic“. And obviously if you like Tauer’s style or the other Tauerville perfumes, this is worth trying too.

Projection and longevity are average. Maybe it’s all of the patchouli, but it does start to wear like an oil after 2-3 hours (AKA closer to the skin). I find that I can tolerate this perfume more in cooler weather because the heat/humidity makes it project more.

The 1 oz bottle retails for $63 at Luckyscent. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONHippies and peach cobbler…OK, it’s peaches and patchouli. I love patchouli but I do struggle with this one because of the sweetness and how it interacts with the earthy patchouli. But, then there are times I wear it when I want sweet and it just *works*. I just have to be in the mood for smelling like hippie peach cobbler. Granted, that’s rare but we all have our moments.

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  1. Hmmmm, not sure about the fragrance but I have a hat just like that one! (Not really, but I should)

    1. You need a hat like that 🙂

      Honestly, I’m not too sure about the perfume either. It’s not bad; just not my usual sort of thing. But, maybe it’ll be something I would enjoy more in cooler weather. We shall see.

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