Tauer 02 L’Air du Desert Marocain EDT Perfume Review

Tauer L'Air du Desert Marocain perfume

Growing up, I was drawn to the desert. And the ocean. I was drawn to both of them for their enigmatic vastness and this paired well with my innate wanderlust. Plus, the ocean and the desert were rather enticing to a young gal growing up in Tennessee.

My fascination with the desert never went away; my aversion to UV rays and extreme weather have kept me from spending much time in the desert but I love the idea of them, what they symbolize to me. When I was first introduced to the indie line, Tauer, you can guess which one I wanted to try first.

L’Air du Désert Marocain (let’s call it LADDM for short) opens with a metallic coolness and a sweaty cumin, that is well, very, very human. It becomes a sweeter fragrance with a boozy vanilla and tonka. Yet, there’s an arid dryness from woods and citrus peels. The dry-down is of LADDM is creamy and to me, it’s amazing. It’s a sweet but animalic amber with a balsamic vanilla. The overall feel of this perfume is warm and comforting.

This perfume was launched a decade ago. And boy, have indie perfumes really boomed since then. There is no doubt in my mind that LADDM was a game changer and something we’re going to look back on as a modern classic and a pivotal turning point for independent perfumery. Years and years later and I still love this perfume.

Charles Boyer

Notes listed include coriander, petitgrain, lemon, bergamot, jasmin, cistus, bourbon, geranium, cedarwood, vetiver, vanilla, patchouli, and ambergris. Launched in 2005. PERFUMER – Andy Tauer

Give LADDM a try if you like sweet amber perfumes. Or perfumes like Histoires de Parfums Ambre 114, Montale Blue Amber, Dior Mitzah, Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Ambre Precieux, Divine L’Homme Sage and/or Tauer Lonestar Memories

Projection and longevity are above average.

The 1.7 oz retails for $130 at Luckyscent and Tauer Perfumes. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA really awesome amber. This is my favorite Tauer perfume and one of my favorite ambers.

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*Sample obtained by me. Product pic from Tauer. “The Garden of Allah” still from

15 thoughts on “Tauer 02 L’Air du Desert Marocain EDT Perfume Review

  1. This is a line I have yet to try but really, really want to. So many of their perfumes sound incredible. I too have always had a fascination with the desert (grew up in Southern CA, lived in Australia for a bit) and this review has definitely bumped Tauer up on the “next to buy” list.

    1. It’s a line worth sampling for sure. And I’d start with this one.
      For me, there are some hits and misses in the line which I expect. But, the ones that work for me work so well, such as this one.

  2. Without a doubt, this perfume is a modern classic. People refer to it consistently, and i am sure for good reason. i have yet to experience it, although after spending a sweltering week on Gran Canaria, i feel this may be as close to the Moroccan desert as i’d like to get. (yes, i realize they are completely different places with completely different cultures.)

    An amber is a measuring stick in some regards… do this well and people seem to pay attention… so this poorly and you have a huge obstacle to overcome. Luckily, Andy is somewhat of an aroma whisperer- able to take difficult materials and generic themes to glorious heights.

    1. I hope you get to try it; would love to hear what you think of it.

      I agree about ambers and this is why when I’m new to a line, those are the ones that I always try first from a line. Amber accords really say a lot about a perfumer’s style. And i think LAADM says a lot about Tauer, which is a good thing 🙂

  3. My favorite of his. And on my “replace this one”list if I ever run out. I plan on getting Incense Rose sometime in the future. I also like his Kandahar Rose and Sotto La Luna Gardenia. As much as I like leather Lonestar Memories smells more like Lonestar Bar-be-que and campfire on me. And Incense Extreme is too extreme and I love Incense.
    His other florals are a mixed bag.

    What I love about LADDM is that it smells different by the sea versus the desert. When I’m in Tucson I swear there is some incense and the resins are stronger. Here the woods are stronger and it feels less dry. It very long lasting in both locations. It really is a game changer for the indie market and I’m sure his best seller.

    1. I like Lonestar Memories because it reminds me of my grandfather and I like a few other Tauers as well, but this one is the one that I wear the most. There are many that I like but this is the one that “fits” me the best.

      That may explain some of its popularity. It’s one of those scents that can work in multiple seasons and climates. One of these days I’ll get to try it in a less humid environment; I’m going to make a point to do that.

  4. LADDM was the second Tauer scent I purchased (after Le Maroc pour Elle) back in the mid 2000’s and I still love it dearly. It is my favorite amber and always gets compliments when I wear it. It is definitely a modern classic.

  5. This is my favorite perfume, the one that I receive the most compliments with. Each time that I wear it I feel like I am in another place. I adore this one.

  6. I have never been to the desert and have no idea what it smells like. Years ago I bought a set of Aveda Desert Pure-Fumes which had three fragrances in it. They were Dune Primrose, Joshua Tree, and Sand Verbena. I actually liked all three! Wish I could smell them today to see how my taste has (hopefully) evolved!

    LADDM is my favorite of the Tauers I have tried, and my only full bottle purchase from that line. If I didn’t own it this review would surely make me want to try it!

    1. I remember those! I do wonder if I would still like them, but I do remember liking them back then (but not being able to afford them).

      It’s an awesome perfume. I feel like if I were to make a list of “top 10 indies to try”, that I’d have to have this one in the #1 slot. I think it’s one for all perfume lovers to sample at least once.

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