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Talon Aromatic Amulette Perfume Necklaces

Talon NYC Aromatic Amulettes

Emily Hirsch of Talon NYC designs fragrance and jewelry, a few of my favorite things… Talon is a line of aromatic amulette necklaces. I’ve recently found out about the line and I’m smitten.

Inspired by antique aromatic jewelry and the fragrances of growing up in the picturesque Northern California wine country in Anderson Valley A.K.A. paradise, Emily offers simple, but slightly rustic amulettes and thoughtful fragrances. I’m attracted to rustic, organic jewelry such as that offered by Lucifer Vir Honestus, Gabrielle Sanchez, Fabio Cammarata, and Julie Wolf. These lines are expensive and I often find indie designers on etsy doing similar things, but that’s the example of what I like: simple and natural. That’s how I’d describe Talon handmade amulettes. Talon Vial Amulettes are available in glass, silver, and bronze (my favorite). Silver and bronze are made from recycled metals. Each amulette has a natural cork stopper. The design is simple enough to be unisex, elegant enough to wear with anything, and a little edgy being that it resembles a dagger.

Talon NYC Aromatic Amulettes

There are three aromatherapeutic scents. The scents are in separate vials so you can put whatever fragrance you want in your amulette, but it sounds like the following fragrances are worth wearing around:

Talon Signature – An intoxicating aroma of tobacco leaf and orange blossom, “a dark, tantalizing, warm scent”.

Avalon – An innocent blend of tuberose and jasmine.

Bare Trees – This is the newest in the collection. A sweet and spicy winter evergreen with floral and tropical grass notes.

Talon NYC Aromatic Amulette Glass

I think the most interesting sounds like Talon Signature, give me tobacco leaf in perfume and I’m happy. However, Emily said that Talon was her favorite until she made the zesty, wintery Bare Trees.

All aromatic amulettes retail for $250 and is available at Talon NYC.

12 thoughts on “Talon Aromatic Amulette Perfume Necklaces

    1. The silver goes with your studs 😉 The glass one is growing on me. I think because it seems so sensual. You can see the liquid. If I had the glass, I’d have to put a deep amber colored perfume in it so that it would look like a shard of amber resin.

        1. The glass seems bewitching.
          Studs do need company. I always thought I’d outgrow studs. But, I never did. Just like Industrial, never outgrew that either.

          1. Of course, I can’t stop being Industrial…Ministry, Skinny Puppy, all of that. I stopped being embarrassed by it years ago. Obviously, I’m not alone with The Prodigy releasing new albums and all.

  1. I purchased one for my wife about three years ago for our anniversary. Our house was broken into and they stole this item. I have been trying to replace it but can not find one for sale. Can anyone help me find one to purchase again. She so loved this as she would wear it to work and when she was stressing she would open and smell to get relief. Thank you

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that this happened. Hopefully someone will have some suggestions so you can find a replacement!

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