Zoologist Beaver EDP Perfume Review

Zoologist Beaver

I actually put off testing Zoologist Beaver for a few reasons.

Reason #1 – I think beavers are adorable. They are nocturnal, chunky, industrious and live in little family units. I can relate. Out of the animals in the Zoologist line, beavers are my favorite. And I wanted to love this one because the bottle is adorable and this leads to…

Reason #2 – CASTOREUM¹. I actually like animalic notes but with this name and the note list, I feared it would be out of my… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Zoologist Panda EDP Perfume Review

Zoologist Panda Perfume

Zoologist Perfumes is a Toronto-based niche perfume line with as you can see, adorable packaging. The line currently consists of three perfumes. With my introduction to the line, I wanted to try my favorite animal offered, Panda. In general, I really connect with giant pandas because we both eat all of the time and wear too much eye makeup.

Panda is opens like a water garden and leather. It’s dank, green and slightly dirty. The osmanthus in this is so leathery which usually isn’t an aspect of… Continue reading | 2 Comments