Yves Rocher Thé Vert/Green Tea Cologne Review

Green Tea - Eau de cologne

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing A Popular Perfume

Yves Rocher Thé Vert/Green Tea Eau de Cologne is one of those energizing citrus scents done in that screechy super clean and fresh 1990’s style. Thé Vert is lemony, unisex green floral that reminds me of other “green tea” fragrances.

Thé Vert is mainly bergamot and lemon and orange “zest”. I detect a hint of cool mint and a… Continue reading | 4 Comments

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Yves Rocher Lilac Shower Gel Review

Lilac Shower Gel

Longing for spring? Yves Rocher Pur Désir de Lilas or Lilac Shower Gel is a really nice spring floral body wash for the money.The formula lathers nicely. I use it on a loofah so there is lots of foam. The formula easily rinses off and no residue is felt. This isn’t a moisturizing shower gel, so those with dry skin may not like the formula.

The scent is a lilac soliflore. It’s a soft, feminine… Continue reading | 4 Comments

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Yves Rocher Pur Desir Captivating Lavender Shower Gel

Yves Rocher Lavender Shower Gel Review

Yves Rocher Pur Désir Captivating Lavande Shower Gel is a lavender “soliflore” body wash. The product is simple. It lathers up very nicely on a loofah. I’m talking tons of suds here. A little bit of shower gel really stretches. It gentle cleanses the skin. It doesn’t provide any moisture so a lotion will have to follow. (But, I always apply lotion/creams after bathing).

Now to the scent…the fragrance is lavender. It is… Continue reading | 5 Comments