2012 Buttery Pastel Yellow Nail Color Guide

I’ve tried bold yellow nail polish and it looks absolutely terrible on me. I thought I couldn’t make yellow work for me. But, I can wear pastel yellows with ease. The buttery yellow colors are more flattering and hey, who doesn’t love pastels for spring? Here’s a guide or a list of pastel yellow nail colors in a variety of price points and brands. If you know of any more, please add them to the list.

Pastel Yellow Nail Polish

Budget Pastel Yellow Nail Color/Under $10: 

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A 2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Your Sweet Niece

Last month my husband’s sister gave birth to a girl (she already has 2 boys). This means that I finally have a niece. But, it will be a few years before I can have fun buying the adorable niece gifts that I’ve always wanted to buy. Last year, I put together a Holiday Niece Gift Guide for girls 10 and up. Without shame, I found myself wanting 90% of the items on my guide. And I’m finding that this year will be no different 😉