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EauMG’s Valentine’s Day 2017 Gift Guide

Wynne Gibson Valentine's


I don’t think I know anyone that celebrates Valentine’s Day. Do you? I don’t mean to sound like a grump. It’s a weird holiday that I think only exists to sell stuff to regions that don’t really do Lunar New Year celebrations. Honestly, I only put together these gift guides because it gives me an excuse to talk about rose-scented things, champagne and other things that I like. I’m not here to diss things that give me joy. It’s winter. We need joy!

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Providence Perfume Co. Hindu Honeysuckle Perfume Review

Providence Perfume Co. Hindu Honeysuckle


I’ve been an olfactory person for as long as I can remember. I was the kid that smelled everything within my reach. This is probably the sense I resorted to using more frequently since my vision wasn’t perfect (didn’t get that corrected until 3rd grade) and chronic ear infections left with me with temporary hearing loss. Many of my childhood memories are scent orientated. Next to fig, honeysuckle is one of my most positive childhood scent associations.

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NEST Pumpkin Chai & Tahiti Vanilla Candle Reviews

It’s cool and rainy here in Seattle. I’m starting to wear my “thicker” fragrances that are either spicy, smoky or gourmand. I’m also baking again and enjoying cooking. Even with all of this personal fragrance and ambient home fragrance, I still want my house to smell spicy or gourmand! Thanks to NEST, my home can smell even better with their autumn candle collection.

NEST autumn 2011 candles

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