L’Artisan Parfumeur Voleur de Roses EDT Fragrance Review

L'Artisan Voleur de Roses EDT

In a world grossly saturated by rose-oud combos in the niche perfume market and rapidly approaching the mainstream perfume market, one could sniff L’Artisan Parfumeur Voleur de Roses and think “Great, another woody-rose, they’re all jumping on the woody-rose bandwagon and I wanted off three bus stops ago.” However, Voleur de Roses was launched in 1993. Voleur de Roses was doing dark, masculine roses before dark, masculine roses was cool.

Voleur de Roses opens harshly with a very camphoric patchouli and it’s slightly astringent. I… Continue reading | 33 Comments


Halle Berry Reveal EDP Perfume Review

Halle Berry Reveal EDP perfume review

The Mainstream Monday: Sniffing A Popular Perfume

Halle Berry has launched her 3rd fragrance, Reveal, this February, more info here.

Reveal is a light woody floral. The opening is a pretty and almost tropical blend of plumeria. I get a bit of bubbly mimosa. It smells to me like florals on a hot, summer evening. There are fruits but they are really understated on me, mingling with the florals. I do get… Continue reading | 8 Comments

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NEW: Halle Berry Reveal EDP Perfume Review

Halle Berry Reveal EDP

This month, Halle Berry launches her third fragrance, Reveal, a woody floral. Reveal “blends floral, fruit, and woods for a versatile scent that combines classic sophistication with modern sexiness“. Reveal is based on Halle’s favorite flower, mimosa.

Notes listed include mimosa, plumeria, iris blossom, neroli, honeydew melon, peach, red berries, vetiver, cashmere woods, and skin musk.

The bottle is “vintage-styled with a contemporary twist” and based on art deco art. (I don’t see this at all. Do you?) It’s a teardrop shaped bottle… Continue reading | 7 Comments


Burberry The Beat EDP Perfume Review

Burberry The Beat for Women perfume

The Mainstream Monday: Sniffing A Popular Fragrance

Burberry The Beat reminds me of how a GAP store smells. It’s difficult to explain,  but it does. It is a mix of air conditioner, cotton, and obviously, GAP scents (specifically GAP Stay, so maybe it isn’t so difficult to explain).

The Beat opens with a kick of bergamot and tea. It reminds me of unbrewed Ceylon earl grey black tea. But, The Beat isn’t earthy tea or dried black tea-like. It’s citrusy… Continue reading | 8 Comments


Hugo Boss Intense For Women EDP Perfume Review

The Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular Fragrance

Hugo Boss Intense “Woman” is a woody floral amberl launched in 2003. It was created for “a woman with initiative“. It was one of those ad campaigns where the lady is sexy and in charge, “an intensely feminine and sensual fragrance with a sophisticated edge that makes it distinct.” My overall impression is that Boss Intense is a fragrance trying very hard to be sexy. From the woodsy floral notes to the red and black bottle, this is a fragrance that is trying hard to seduce… Continue reading | 7 Comments