Thameen Perfume Reviews

Thameen¹ is a British niche perfume house that makes perfumes that are inspired by iconic jewels and jewelry. I don’t know much about the jewels worn by royalty, but I do like the idea of comparing gemstones to perfumes. In a way, you can think of perfume like a piece of jewelry, an accessory. It’s a way to add some sparkle and some glamour to your look.

Thameen is a new-to-me brand even though they’ve been around for a few years. Being British, they haven’t had much presence in the U.S. until recently. There are a lot of them (seems like… Continue reading | 2 Comments


EauMG’s March 2017 Favorites

pink building Charleston

I don’t want to be one of those boring people that complain about the weather, but I’m going to be one of those boring people. The weather in March was so frustrating. We had an icestorm. The disgusting, tar-soaked ice piles lingered for weeks. It was cold and disgusting. All I wanted was spring and it couldn’t be found.

This was OK, because I needed to focus on finals. I wrapped up another term. Like weather, I know people get sick of hearing this too: Time flies… Continue reading | 4 Comments


BPAL Les Fleurs du Mal Perfume Oil Review

BPAL Les Fleurs du Mal

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab or BPAL is a line of perfume oils with a cult following. This indie brand offers an extensive collection of perfumes with various collections with a “dark, Romantic gothic tones“. Naturally, that’s an aesthetic that I’m drawn too. Les Fleurs du Mal is in the Ars Moriendi collection. And how could I resist a floral perfume inspired by Baudelaire?

This time of the year, I start to crave spring florals. I start with roses and by spring I’m wearing what I call… Continue reading | 14 Comments


TokyoMilk Waltz EDP Perfume Review

TokyoMilk Waltz Parfum is a clean and fresh floral that is perfect for spring.

At first spritz it is both energetic and sweet. It smells slightly like raw honey, but not in a sickly sweet or sticky way. It really balances the green and floral notes. What stands out the most in this stage is the linden. It smells like linden honey. The heart is like linden, lime and a bouquet of roses. Then it’s wisteria (which I love in perfumery). This wisteria reminds me of white flowers and kiwi… Continue reading | 2 Comments