4160 Tuesdays A Kiss by the Fireside EDP Perfume Review

4160 Tuesdays A Kiss by the Fireside

I was given a sample of this by a perfume pal, I knew nothing of the perfume and very little about the brand. I hadn’t read a note list or a story of inspiration. I sniffed it and thought, “Oh, he’s too old for you!” I immediately had an image of a 20 year old dating someone at least 3 decades older than them. It was a mix of “young” fragrances and the sort of fragrance that a guy wanting to pick up… Continue reading | 5 Comments


EauMG’s Guide to Perfumes Inspired by Snow

snow perfumes

I grew up in the Southeast and I never remember the heat bothering me. As an adult, it does. I’m now that person in Seattle that complains about the heat and starts sweating as soon as the temps rise over 70 degrees. For the most part, I enjoy summer but I don’t like the constant dehydration headache and difficulty falling asleep at night.

While writing this, it’s 1 am and still 80 degrees in my house. I feel like rebelling against summer (even though I’m sooo not… Continue reading | 22 Comments


EauMG’s Most Worn Perfumes of Winter 2013/2014

Dorothy Dalton

FINALLY! Winter is over! This winter was brutal, wasn’t it? So much snow, so many storms!

It’s starting to look and feel like spring. I’ve rotated my perfumes – bringing out the perfumes I want to wear this spring and putting away those that I wore this winter. This gave me time to access which perfumes I’ve worn the most of during this past long, dreary, miserable season.

winter perfumes


Here they are:

12… Continue reading | 12 Comments


Costamor Tabacca EDP Perfume Review

Costamor Tabacca EDP

I like the fragrance Costamor Tabacca but I hate saying the name aloud. I feel like some backwoods redneck requesting  some chew, “Hand me my Tabacca”. I just can’t say it without shuddering.

Tabacca opens with a honeyed, spiced chamomile with the darkest brewed black tea (slightly tannic). With time, Tabacco grows sweeter on me, more honeyed and with more powder with traces of steaming chai in the background. It’s a honeyed, warm tobacco amber. The dry-down is a spiced, boozy amber with dry woods… Continue reading | 7 Comments


Women’s Fall/Winter Fashion Trends + Fragrance 2013

I’m pairing women’s fall/winter 2013 fashion trends from the runway to perfumes. This season everything is chunky and clunky from over-sized overcoats to 90’s club kid heels, but who wants to smell “clunky”? Here are other popular women’s fashion trends that translate into perfume.

Navy A/W 2013


I feel like a dope saying that navy is a trend. Navy is always in. But, I do have to say that it was all over the A/W runways and I see more navy in the the stores this season. Navy is sharp. Navy is… Continue reading | 18 Comments