Wiggle Little Five Perfume Oil Review

Wiggle Perfume Little Five

I ordered a few samples form Wiggle Perfume (as you know, review of Nicosia here), a local Olympia line. Ordering on-line, I went with the descriptions. I really felt a connection with perfume, Little 5. I’m a gal now living in the Northwest that grew up in the Southeastern U.S., spending my time between Nashville and Atlanta, family still in both places. Mrs. Wiggle “got me” with her description of this fragrance:
For me, it all started in Little Five Points, Atlanta. On… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Wiggle Nicosia Perfume Oil Review

Wiggle Perfume Nicosia Review

Wiggle Perfumes is an indie fragrance line located in Olympia, WA. The line has a burlesque but femininst vibe. I ordered a few samples so that I could familiarize myself with this local line. Wiggle Perfumes Nicosia is a sweet and spicy fig perfume. This isn’t green or milky. This fig is all about the fruit (who wants to look into the feminist symbolism of that, huh?) Fans of Satellite Paris Á La Figue should give Nicosia a try.

At first application, this… Continue reading | 10 Comments