Opus Oils M’Eau Joe No.3 EDP Perfume Review

Opus Oils M'Eau Joe

As a broad from Nashville, Tennessee, I’ve spent too many nights at smoky rockabilly venues that only served the Tennessee favorite, Jack Daniels. I haven’t stepped foot in such a thing in what feels like a million years.

Upon smelling Opus Oils M’Eau Joe No. 3 I was reminded of a few really great shows. Typically the acoustics were too loud and the venues weren’t well ventilated. Tons of smoke and all the bartender could mix up was Jack and Coke so don’t ask for anything… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Demeter Whiskey Tobacco Cologne Review

Demeter Whiskey Tobacco

This isn’t a fragrance that I would wear to work, because I don’t want anybody thinking I’ve been smoking a pipe in my little “speech studio”¹.  But, I do love this fragrance. I love the sweetness of whiskey tobacco. This cologne smells like the real deal. Demeter’s website describes it as tobacco smoke and whiskey. I don’t pick up on any smokiness. This to me smells just like if you opened a jar of whiskey “flavored” pipe tobacco at a cigar shop. This is sweet, warm, and best… Continue reading | 1 Comment