EauMG’s Smell Diary – March 2013

March 1stDowntown – Orange blossom! The elevator smells of Arquiste Infanta y Flor. Someone in this building has wonderful tastes and probably shops at Barneys. Someone other than me…

March 2ndDowntown – Shopping and perfume sniff-a-thon. There are so many pitiful things that make the final cut. Stop with the pointless releases of things that smell like some pointless thing released 5 years ago.

March 3rdRedmond – First time I’ve ever been here and I’m not missing a thing. The smell of cheap vanilla candle wax


EauMG’s Smell Diary – February 2013

February 1stDowntown – On the verge of being sick and in the complete center of exhaustion, I sprayed on a fragrance to sample. I smell like “bros” and I really didn’t want to smell like that today.

February 2ndDowntown – Walking out of SAM slightly disappointed by the exhibit, I catch a whiff of blooming daphne. It’s one of the best smells on the planet and makes me forget about the male Eurocentric art rant fermenting in my head.

February 3rdWest Seattle – A strange mucky aroma follows me. Husband has rotten… Continue reading | 9 Comments


EauMG’s Smell Diary – January 2013

Jan. 1stInternational District – Rare, clear blue skies highlighting the snowy mountain skyline. Phaedon Rue de Lilas on my wrists. Walked to go get green tea cream puffs, so frigid and cold that it hurts the sinuses. Smells of fish market, roasted garlic and bulgogi.

Frink the Frug

Jan. 2ndDowntown – Moxi expressed herself on the rug again. It’s like Secretions Magnifiques without any of the good stuff. For some reason there was a pile of sawdust in the elevator that smells like fir.

Jan. 3rd

home scents

Juniper Ridge Natural Room Spray Reviews

La Push Washington

Juniper Ridge is the only line out there that truly captures the smells of the Pacific Northwest. The smells aren’t a concept or an interpretation. They are a destination. They’re wildcrafted products with essences distilled from the various wild plants of the West. My husband has been using the soaps for years. The line has expanded over the years and now includes home and personal fragrances. And they are unlike any other on the market.

Juniper Ridge Room Sprays are little amber spray bottles filled with… Continue reading | 5 Comments


O’ Tannenbaum Holiday 2011 Perfume Blogging Event

O' Tannenbaum record cover

O’Tannenbaum Holiday 2011 Perfume Blogging Event

When I was a kid, I thought O’Tannenbaum was “old tanning balm” and I had no idea what this had to do with Christmastime but I did have grandparents that would run away to Florida every winter…My family isn’t German and we never got those nifty marzipan pigs or chocolate filled advent calenders. (I’m still a bit jealous of German-American Christmas traditions.) I still don’t know the words to the O’Tannenbaum song but I know it has to do… Continue reading | 25 Comments