420 Edition – EauMG’s Marijuana Perfume Guide

Marijuana perfumes

Due to a new release and I guess general boredom that journalist feel during late summer, I’ve been hearing lots about a new perfume with a marijuana accord. This has inspired me to create a guide to perfumes inspired by marijuana and those that proudly display Mary J as an accord.

My guide comes right in time with the 22nd annual Hempfest held in Seattle. But, this year will be wackier than ever (or that’s my predication). As it’s now “legal” since Washington state… Continue reading | 19 Comments


EauMG’s Smell Diary – June 2013

Downtown Seattle

June 1st Pike Place – Happy to be back to the place that I now call home. Sunshine and salad niçoise. Brine and seafood. Lillet Blanc. I’ve got a good life.

June 2ndPioneer Square – I don’t know if it is the same for all cities, but one can’t walk a few blocks in most of Seattle without witnessing very open and nonchalant drug deals. Frink wants to know what the men are holding, pulling him away, we notice a strange smell of burning… Continue reading | 15 Comments


EauMG’s Smell Diary – May 2013

May 1stDowntown – No injuries from anarchists but I did stay mostly indoors. The Seattle P.D. said they broke up an altercation between clowns and superheros. They weren’t joshing. Windows open, the smell of fresh air and the hum of hovering helicopters.

May March

May 2ndDowntown – Crazy notion to try on jeans even though I know jeans are not my friend. After reasoning with myself that Cruella de Vil wouldn’t wear jeans so why should I, I leave the stuffy, uncomfortably warm… Continue reading | 7 Comments


EauMG at Taste TV Artisan Fragrance Salon – Seattle 2013 – A Re-Cap

Seattle May 2013

Here’s my overview of the Seattle Artisan Fragrance Salon. It was an 80º day with full-sun, absolutely gorgeous, and an anomaly for this time of year. I admit that I went into this very distracted (also, my birthday was the day before and I was out late and a friend was visiting from out of town too). So, what I’m saying is that I did a horrible job with pictures. I was lazy. Plus, it was gorgeous. See above.

I’m fortuante enough to live… Continue reading | 12 Comments


EauMG’s Smell Diary – April 2013

April 1stSoDo – Getting off on the wrong bus stop leaves me walking half a mile through working train tracks in winklepickers like some darkwave music video outtake. Mocking me, the smell of Southern fried chicken fills the otherwise light air. I stuck my head in a fancy moonshine still. Seriously.

April 2ndDowntown – Foot pain that I’ve been experiencing for a week leaves me at home with a propped up puffy, tumid foot. I wear a musky perfume and slow roast a Jamaican jerk chicken feeling sorry for myself.

April 3rdDowntown