EauMG’s June 2015 Empties

June 2015 Empties

What happened to June??? Well, for starters, I had family in ALL month, yes, all month. So my time was spent playing tour guide and host. That’s exhausting. Words to the not-so-wise like myself, establish a “three day” rule and stick with it. It wasn’t a bad month, but as you can imagine, it was an exhausting one.

My sisters love makeup and products just as much as I do. We ended up doing a lot of makeup shopping. I ended up buying those Bath & Body

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Votivo Jasmine Neroli & Azure Garden Candle Review

It’s Easter and I really should be stuffing my face with Cadbury Creme Eggs but before I start doing that, here’s two quick Votivo candle reviews:

Votivo Jasmine Neroli

Jasmine Neroli with notes of mandarin, guava, angelica, jasmine, tuberose, white musk, vanilla and woods.

This is a tropical fruit white floral.It’s a tart but syrupy guava over “clean” jasmine with a backdrop of vanilla and woods. I’m usually not a fan of “tropical” home fragrances but I like this one. It’s fun but isn’t a campy “poolside tiki… Continue reading

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Votivo French Candle Collection Review

Votivo French candles

Here’s my impressions of the French inspired home fragrance line by Votivo.

Anjou Pear

This is a fruity pear fragrance with a hint of freshly sliced green apples. It’s nothing special, but that’s coming from someone who doesn’t see the allure in pear scented home fragrances. The scent is juicy and fruity. The more it burns, I pick up on a “green floral” aspect. As far as pear candles go, this one is really nice. It also has amazing throw.

Rosemary Grapefruit

This… Continue reading | 2 Comments

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Votivo Floure Candle – Bright Leaf Tobacco Review

Votivo Bright Leaf Tobacco

Votivo Floure Candles as a line of candles in these gorgeous vessels inspired by the fringe on flappers’ dresses. This collection features Votivo’s most popular fragrances. When I got the candle, I immediately though mid-century modern with its cute tapered “legs” and the texture of the ceramic reminded me a little of West German pottery. My husband, a man not amused by my candle addiction, said this is the prettiest candle ever. He may not be amused by my wax addiction, but he does have… Continue reading | 2 Comments

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Votivo Holiday Candles: Reviews of Winter Cranberry & Dulce Caramelo

Votivo is a wonderful line of candles. They have quite a few that I consider staples in my candle arsenal. Every year I get excited for their Holiday line.

Votivo Winter Cranberry

The packaging is very glamorous. I like that is holiday but not too holiday. This line is are more wintery. The larger candles are housed in a “silver” mirrored vessel with the Votivo logo. The box is metallic and I want a wallpaper like it 😉 The candles are also available in a travel tin, not as glamorous but… Continue reading | 3 Comments