Aether Arts Reefer Madness Perfume Oil Review

Aether Arts Reefer Madness

A few years ago, I put together a guide of perfumes with marijuana accords. Since then, there’s been many more launched with the theme of “high perfumery”. In fact, Colorado based, Aether Arts, has an entire collection of fragrances dedicated to weed, The Cannabis Series.

Reefer Madness is the fourth perfume in this series. The name comes from the delightfully terrible exploitation “movie with a moral” turned midnight movie flick, Reefer Madness. To my surprise, this perfume brings to mind the… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Kelly & Jones #3 Notes of Cabernet EDP Perfume Review

Kelly & Jones Cabernet

Kelly & Jones Notes of Wine Collection is a collection of perfume inspired by wine. #3 Notes of Cabernet is my favorite from this collection. And that is saying something because I like the other ones too.

#3 Cabernet opens with a “rustic” fruity pink pepper that glimmers. The bright, spicy opening is both warm and cool. Once that settles, I get cherry tobacco in a leather pouch. Cabernet is “barrel aged”. It becomes oak barrel and a rich, jammy raspberry and stewed spiced cherries… Continue reading | 3 Comments