Blackbird Broken Glass EDP Perfume Review

Blackbird Broken Glass

Broken Glass is the newest perfume from Seattle-based indie line, Blackbird. It was described to me as a floral/femme fragrance, an unexpected addition to Blackbird’s lineup. I’ve spent a few months trying it. And it’s an odd fragrance because what I’m perceiving is unlike many of the reviews I’ve since read. And this is why I love perfume. There are so many varied perceptions and experiences¹.

The opening of Broken Glass is loud. It’s a slap in the face of angelica which is green, bitter and like… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud EDP Perfume Review

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud

Over the years, I’ve went through many perfume phases. I won’t get into this during this review; it should be a separate post. During my current phase, I’m finding myself attracted to Francis Kurkdjian’s style. His compositions are typically “safe” with fresh, clean prettier-than-reality notes but then he’ll surprise you with an “odd” beauty (Absolue Pour le Soir and Dior Eau Noire). He’s one of the few people that can make something that smells like laundry detergent and make me want to… Continue reading


Huitieme Art Ciel d’Airain EDP Perfume Review

Huitieme Ciel d'Airain EDP

Ciel d’Airain is the most figgy thing ever but it doesn’t openly admit that it’s figgy. Fig perfumes are some of my favorites. Why be ashamed Huitième Art? Get figgy with it.

Ciel d’Airain opens up as a woody fig tree. I get the bark, the big and smooth green leaves and “fig milk”. And yes, there’s olive leaves mixed with these ripe fruit. Fig is usually milky or like coconut. In this perfume, it’s bitter and green with enough milkiness to make… Continue reading | 3 Comments

Blog Weekly Roundup

The Lipstick League – Week of 9.12.11

Virna Lisi

The Lipstick League – week of 9.12.11

Question of the Week: – What is your favorite makeup collection or limited edition product this fall?

EauMG’s Answer: I typically love fall makeup collections the best because they pack more drama than any other. This fall I’ve fallen (pun intended) for many lines’ collections. I love the neutrals and Cat Woman glamour of Dior’s The Style Empress. MAC is launching a Cindy Sherman Collection this month. I have a feeling it will bring me back to