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Victoria’s Secret Naturally Acai Berry & Magnolia Hydrating Body Lotion Review

Victoria's Secret Naturally

The Naturally Victoria’s Secret line is Victoria’s Secret attempt to tap into the “natural” market by emphasizing the power of natural ingredients. I don’t know how it is working out for them. I see the Victoria’s Secret market more interested in fragrance and they really don’t care about the natural ingredients as long as it smells good. And I see the natural market not caring for this line because it does come across and synthetic (because they are). And there are already lots of great natural lotions… Continue reading | 15 Comments


Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Perfume Review

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy

The Mainstream Monday: Sniffing A Popular Fragrance

Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy EDP is a floral amberblend that tries very hard to be seductive. I think of it as a floral amber for those that did not live through the 80’s to experience the heavy floral amber genre. It is more of a “now” floral amber. It’s a bit more fresh and floraly.

At first spritz, I kind of like this fragrance. I pick up a spicy mandarin. It’s refreshing and zesty. This energizing top note quickly fades. I do… Continue reading


Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Perfume Review

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing A Popular Fragrance

Victoria’s Secret Supermodel is a light-wearing fruity-floral fragrance. It isn’t something that I would wear. I find that it lacks a “wow” factor. But, it isn’t a bad fragrance. It’s pleasant enough although generic.

Of course, Victoria’s Secret hypes this fragrance up as super sexy. I don’t really see that. I sniff it and the word “sexy” doesn’t come to mind. I think more “casual”. This fragrance was a “partnership” with the cosmetic’s side


Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Desire Perfume Review

The Mainstream Monday: Sniffing A Popular Fragrance

Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Desire is a generic floral, not much of a surprise. This was the 2007 FiFi Award Winner of Fragrance of the Year. I would say that the FiFi Awards don’t really give out awards to interesting blends. Dream Angels Desire isn’t offensive or gross. It is just so dull and boring. It seriously just smells like “modern” perfume. Something that you would wear just to smell “good”, you really aren’t interested in your options.

At first… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Perfume Review

The Mainstream Monday: Sniffing A Popular Fragrance

Victoria’s Secret claims this is America’s #1 fragrance. I don’t know if this is true (I think they are including the entire Angels family) or not but I can imagine that it is really popular. I’m sure its sales are huge. Not because it is the most amazing fragrance in the world but because it is carried by Victoria’s Secret and if I like it or not, their stuff is really popular. It’s available at every mall in America. Dream Angels Heavenly is a very… Continue reading | 2 Comments