Zoologist Panda EDP Perfume Review

Zoologist Panda Perfume

Zoologist Perfumes is a Toronto-based niche perfume line with as you can see, adorable packaging. The line currently consists of three perfumes. With my introduction to the line, I wanted to try my favorite animal offered, Panda. In general, I really connect with giant pandas because we both eat all of the time and wear too much eye makeup.

Panda is opens like a water garden and leather. It’s dank, green and slightly dirty. The osmanthus in this is so leathery which usually isn’t an aspect of… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Sweet Anthem Emily and Phoebe Solid Perfume Reviews

Sometimes I get really sick of reviewing perfumes that retail for like a zillion dollars. So, today I want to take the time to review micro-perfumes that retail for less than micro brews and craft cocktails.

Sweet Anthem Emily

Emily – Notes listed include almond, coconut, honey, milk, oatmeal, sandalwood, vanilla and yuzu.

Emily is like this magical oatmeal cookie. It’s a warm, comforting gourmand with honey, almond and toasted coconut. It does open with a tangy citrus and cherry-like almond and then it wears as a milky… Continue reading | 6 Comments

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Haus of Gloi Bubbling Scrub Reviews

Haus of Gloi is an Oregon-based vegan bath and body line. If you want to explore the world of indie bath products, I suggest you start with Haus of Gloi. I love the formulas and there is a wide variety of scents.

I’m reviewing a few of the Bubbling Scrubs that I’ve tried. These are sugar scrubs in a rich, moisturizing shea butter base. The cool thing about these scrubs is that they have a “light” lather. I don’t really use these as a scrub but more as a soap with some light exfoiliation.


Aether Arts Aether Argent EDP Perfume Review

Aether Arts Argent

Aether Arts Aether Argent is the first perfume in the Aether Series, a series of perfumes that explores ozonic and marine scents. Aether Argent is inspired by the stratosphere.

Aether Argent opens as cool and refreshing muddled mint leaves in sparkling water. It’s effervescent. Aether Argent becomes a crystal clear mineral water with an evergreen sprig and herbal ice cubes. The dry-down is an abstract floral clean musk (it wears like this for much of the wear).

This is one of those sheer, unobtrusive fragrance… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Sweet Anthem Valentine for Vendetta Perfume Review – Lolita & Poppy

Sweet Anthem Lolita

Just in time for Valetine’s Day, Sweet Anthem is launching two new limited edition perfumes, Lolita and Poppy. These are in the Valentine for Vendetta Anthology, the house’s Spring Collection.

Lolita has notes of black currant, cherry blossom, rosewood, tonka bean and sea salt.

Lolita opens as a delicate, powdery cherry blossom. Lolita has a clean, warm quality that reminds me of sun-dried linens. It’s sheer, warm and laundered. It’s one of those delicate, musky florals.

*Technically* I shouldn’t really like a clean and… Continue reading | 7 Comments