Zoologist Bat Perfume Review

Zoologist Bat

Have you ever wanted to smell like you’ve awaken from your slumber in the mausoleum and need to go feed on the living? Have you ever wanted to smell like a reanimated corpse? Or what about a bat cave? If you answered “yes” to any of these, let me suggest you try Zoologist Bat.

Zoologist perfumes aren’t really meant to smell like their animal inspiration, but they usually take inspiration from their habitats. Bat smells like dirt and mud. I mean, exactly like mud. Underneath is an animalic… Continue┬áreading | 5 Comments


EauMG’s Perfume Picks for Your Halloween Costumes – 2013

I don’t dress up for Halloween. Why? Because I never get invited to do cool things but I like the idea of dressing up. And I think lots of other people do too. I mean, just look at the selection of costumes for adults out there.

This year I will be using perfume as a costume ­čśë In this fragrance guide, I’m pairing perfumes with popular Halloween costumes for men and women. Get fully in character with these scents –

Mini rant – I find so many of the store bought costumes to be borderline offensive to full-blown offensive (“tequila dude”, nerds… Continue┬áreading | 14 Comments


Kitty Korvette Faust Purr-Fume Perfume Oil Review

Kitty Korvette Faust perfume

The gorgeous Kitty Korvette created the perfume Faust for vampire novelist, Gabrielle Faust. Gabrielle Faust is the author of the Eternal Vigilance Series as well as a few other vampire novels.

Here is what Gabrielle wanted from the fragrance:
I pride myself on being unique and the perfume an individual wears says quite a bit about how they define themselves and how they want the world to perceive them. I wanted to create a fragrance that was bold and daring, yet deliciously sexy, a… Continue┬áreading


Vampire Venom: New DuWop Twilight Lip Venom Lip Stain

I am not a Twilight fan. Saying that I have only seen the movie and have never read the books. I found the movie very, very dull but felt I had to see it since it was like literally filmed in our backyard. The film was beautiful just for the scenery of the lovely rainforests and coast of Washington (even though it did Rialto beach/LaPush no justice). I just found the story really boring and I felt too old for it. I do consider myself a vampire fan and I am… Continue┬áreading