Amouroud Dark Orchid Perfume Review

Amouroud Dark Orchid

It’s really odd how some perfumes connect with you. I’m sure if I spent some time in therapy or doing some sort of self-help workbook, I could probably come up with some conclusion as to why I’m drawn to certain perfumes more than others. My tastes are broad; I like perfumes from all genres. However, it seems like I’m not too picky when it comes to white floral and incense. I tend to like those over the top “femme fatale” sort of perfumes…or at least what I perceive… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Etro Sandalo EDT Perfume Review

Etro Sandalo perfume

Spring has rubbed off on me. Over the past month I’ve focused on traditionally “pretty” perfumes such as soliflores. Looking at my own perfume collection, I realize that half of my collection includes pageant queens and the other half is a total freakshow. With perfume I tend to gravitate towards two genres: “more beautiful than reality” and “WTF”. As a designer perfume, one would expect for Etro Sandalo not to be in the later category, but I’m here today to tell you that is where it belongs… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Creed Love in Black EDP Perfume Review

Creed Love in Black EDP

I can not emphasize to perfume newbies enough just how important it is to try stuff on the skin before ever considering buying. There are so many fragrances that smell good on paper, smell good on your BFF or sound great in a review and smell awful on your skin. Creed Love in Black is one of those for me.

Love in Black has a weird opening. I get a caramelized cucumber and damp violets. And then I get hot asphalt. The vibe is very “CdG-ish” but it