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Urban Rituelle Sweet Treats Cotton Candy Soap Bar Review

Urban Rituelle Cotton Candy Soap Review

Urban Rituelle Sweet Treats Cotton Candy Soap is a vegetable based soap with skin conditioning vegetable oils, cocoa butter, glycerin, and Vitamin E. It’s a very fragrant bar soap. At first I was turned off by the idea of soap smelling like cotton candy. What adult woman wants to wash their body with a carnival treat? OK, don’t answer that. You know what I mean ūüôā Urban Rituelle Soap in Cotton Candy is sweet but not very candy-like in my opinion… Continue¬†reading | 2 Comments

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What To Get Your Niece : A 2010 Winter Gift Guide

Oh, geez, can you believe it is already November? You know what that means. Christmas music will be pounding your eardrums. A little trip to the store to pick up paper towels will take too long for no good reason. You’ll be suffer¬†respiratory¬†distress¬†because¬†Trader Joe’s set out those cinnamon broom things. Oh, the holidays are near… Here’s my gift guide for girls and teens. ¬†I always see fun beauty and fragrance products and wish I knew a young girl to give these items to as gifts. I still… Continue¬†reading | 13 Comments