Ulrich Lang Nightscape EDP Perfume Review

Ulrich Lang Nightscape

Ulrich Lang Nightscape is a modern interpretation of patchouli. We’ve all heard something like this before in the world of perfumery, “This is a modern rose!” or “This isn’t your grandmother’s chypre!”. When I hear these things, I often wonder, “What is wrong with the old?”. Sometimes I think of what a huge task it is to break fragrance stereotypes and I understand that brands what a challenge. With Ulrich Lang Nightscape, I really do feel it’s a modern patchouli free of any hippie-dippie stereotypes. It’s an… Continue┬áreading


Ulrich Lang Lightscape EDP Perfume Review

Ulrich Lang Lightscape


With the first few wears of Ulrich Lang Lightscape, I didn’t really care for it. It seemed to be the obvious “feminine” edition to the more masculine and unisex line. This was in the winter when I’d rather be wearing Ulrich Lang Nightscape. I started sampling this again in late winter and I finally cared for it. Lightscape is a clean, powdery iris floral. That’s what I want in the spring.

The opening of Lightscape is a green iris with tons of bitter galbanum… Continue┬áreading | 8 Comments