House of Matriarch Twin Peaks Perfume Collection

House of Matriarch

Everyone keeps asking me if I’m keeping up the Twin Peaks: The Return. I haven’t. I’ve been busy and I figured I’ll truly commit myself to once the current season ends. Like many people, I’m a Twin Peaks fan. I sometimes wonder if that series subconsciously impacted my choice to move to Western Washington when I first got out of school. I was attracted to the eerie beauty, the complete opposite ecosystem of the South, that I was introduced to me via David Lynch.

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Tauer Pentachord Auburn EDP Perfume Review

Tauer Auburn

Two girls stand in front of the mirror, a reflection of made-up faces and jaundiced yellow tiles.

Jennifer, give me your lip gloss“, says Ronni as she fluffs her auburn hair and wishes she had her hairspray with her. Her mother has seized all possible inhalants. Damn Barbara Walters.

Jennifer hands her the lip gloss and they share tales of weekend escapades and awkward dates with boys they don’t even like. They hide in a stall and smoke Virginia Slims. Gloss covered cigarette butts go down the toilet with… Continue reading | 10 Comments