DSH Perfumes 1000 Lilies Natural EDP Review

DSH Perfumes Parfums des Beaux Arts 1000 Lilies is a perfume from the Secrets of Egypt Collection, a limited edition collection created for Denver Art Museum’s King Tut exhibit. This perfume is based on Susinon, an ancient Egyptian and Greek perfume. It is said this is the perfume that Cleopatra scented her sails with. I like the thought of that.

1000 Lilies is very floral on me, but this is what I expected with a name like 1000 Lilies! Immediately I am hit with the… Continue┬áreading | 16 Comments


Annick Goutal Ce Soir ou Jamais EDP Perfume Review

Tonight or never…I absolutely love Annick Goutal Ce Soir ou Jamais EDP. It’s a scent for the rose lover. It covers all aspects of a rose: the greenness, the fruitiness, the gourmand qualities, the floralness, and the romantic imagery of a rose. Annick Goutal considered this one of her prize fragrances and it took her 15 years to complete (launched in 1999). It’s her top-secret formula and it is supposed to make one’s head spin. I love this fragrance, but I must say that I love rose scents. This Turkish rose… Continue┬áreading | 2 Comments