EauMG’s Favorite Rose Perfumes – 2016 Edition

Turkan Soray

Rose Week 2016

After almost eight years of perfume blogging, I figured now is the time to share my favorite rose perfumes. If you read EauMG, you probably picked up on the fact that I love roses. I love rose skincare, bath/body products and of course, rose soliflores. My personal perfume collection is dominated by roses.

I love roses because a rose has many pesonas. A rose, to me, is the Cindy Sherman of perfume notes. A rose can be green/fresh, velvety, powdery, dark… Continue┬áreading | 41 Comments


EauMG Update – May 2014

Turkan Soray

Here’s a quick update to let you guys know what is up with EauMG and me this month.

We’re traveling to Istanbul later this week, the land of roses and spices. During that time I have many posts scheduled. Please stop by and read them as to not make me feel like I totally didn’t waste my time. However, there’s an issue – I approve each comment because spam exists outside of a can. I will (most likely) not be approving comments during this time so comments… Continue┬áreading | 8 Comments