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EauMG Weekly Blog Roundup IX

Tura Satana Astro Zombies

RIP Tura Satana 1936-2011

Week of January 30th-February 6th

Not to be a total whiner, but this week sucked for many personal reasons: husband’s truck broke, Frink had surgery, there’s a squirrel in the attic, and I’ve had so many deadlines that left me biting my nails. It was just one of those rotten weeks. I hope the rest of February will be better.

I’m really behind this week reading my favorite beauty and fragrance blogs. But… Continue reading | 8 Comments

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Best Black Eyeliners: Dedicated to Tura Satana

I love Tura Satana. She is the reason for my haircut. She is one of my favorite style icons. She is one lovely bad-ass, the queen of the 60s B-films. One thing that Tura rocked other than ass kicking moves, the perfect body, blunt bangs, and an amazing attitude, was the heavy black liner. Every time I use a heavy hand with black liner, I think of Miss Satana’s oh so delicious evil look.

There are a ton of black liner formulas on the market. They all have a time… Continue reading | 1 Comment