Dorian + Dahl Yummy Perfume Oil Review

Dorian + Dahl Yummy perfume

Dorian + Dahl is an indie perfume oil line. The fragrances are in a moisturizing oil blend with Vitamin E. But, here’s the great thing. These aren’t repackaged fragrance oils. These are blends. I’m adding this because I know many of us have been burnt by fragrances sold on sites such as etsy.

Yummy is a fruity gourmand. It opens with piña colada with mango. The juicy pineapple and mango are mixed with a creaminess. This would be an awesome little umbrella beverage… Continue reading


Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Fleur des Comores EDT Fragrance Review

Maitre et Gantier Fleur des Comores

Maitre Parfumeu et Gantier Fleur des Comores is a tropical custard of banana-like white florals, overripe fruits and creamy vanilla. It’s more than another gourmand fruity-floral. This fragrance captures the realness of black currant and passionfruit, adding a musky-fruit atmosphere that makes this fragrance enjoyable.

At the very top, I get heady white florals that smell like true-to-life orange blossoms skewed by ylang-ylang headiness. Magically, Fleur de Comores becomes a musky black currant ripening on the plant. I get the leaves and… Continue reading | 6 Comments

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Korres Guava Body Butter Review

Korres Guava Butter

Korres Guave Body Butter is a great product for those with really dry skin. This is a super emollient and rich cream. It’s thick but easy to rub in if your skin is a little damp or just right out of the shower. It keeps skin moisturized and soft until the next day. It isn’t greasy, sticky, or icky. I like most of Korres products. They are gentle, natural, and of course, I like their smell. This Guava Body Butter… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Pineapple Fragrance Guide


I am not a huge mega fan of fruity scents but I do like them. I  have a few favorites. Sometimes in summer I want to smell like a pineapple or a piña colada. It’s fun and makes me feel like I am on vacation. There are many pineapple inspired scents on the market ranging in price and even formulas from oils, solids, to sprays. If I had to pick my top 2 that you can still buy it’s Crazylibellule & The Poppies Shanghaïjava Ananas Imperial and L’Artisan Parfumeur… Continue reading | 5 Comments


Demeter Kahala Blue Hawaiian Cologne Review

Demeter Blue Hawaiian

Demeter Kahala Blue Hawaiian Cologne is the epitome of a fruity, resort style cocktail. It is super tropical and sweet. It smells just like sweetened pineapple juice. You know, the kind from the can. It’s bitter and sweet and has that metallic tang, “fresh” from the can. It smells lush and a bit “fuzzy”. It is so sweet and syrupy that it even smells a bit sticky. It smells like the real deal, in fact better. I’ve always been intrigued by a Blue Hawaiian but I refuse… Continue reading