Providence Perfume Co. Branch & Vine Cologne Natural Perfume Review

Providence Perfume Co. Branch & Vine


I’ve missed two things this summer: grilling and gardening. I didn’t think these things were important to me until I didn’t have them. In fact, when we had a garden I complained about it all of the time. It was so much work and it felt like having more pets. I couldn’t go out of town for the weekend without killing 15 cherry tomato plants. Yet, it was rewarding. I had so many tomatoes, black currants, herbs… Now I can have the… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Smell Bent Lobster Cellphone EDT Perfume Review

Smell Bent Lobster Cellphone EDT Fragrance Review

Smell Bent Lobster Cellphone is in the Radio Dada collection. A limited edition 2011 spring fragrance collection inspired by surrealism and dadaist art. Lobster Cellphone is obviously a perfume based on Dali’s Lobster Telephone and surrealist objects. Has a bit of a Schiaparelli feel, no?

Lobster Cellphone opens up as a sparkling pink grapefruit juice and the smell of its peel. It’s very refreshing. After a few minutes, I do detect a tangy green tomato leaf. I love this. It was… Continue reading | 8 Comments

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Anthousa Home Ambiance Fragrance Home Collection Trio

Anthousa “Home”  fragrance collection contains 3 petite Ambiance Fragrances for different rooms of the nest: kitchen, bath, and boudoir. I love the idea of different scents for different spaces. I know that I purchase different scents for different areas of my home. I usually want something fresh and citrusy for the kitchen, feminine floral for the boudoir, and something indulgent and sweet for the bedroom. This Home Collection trio includes:

Sweet Basil and Heirloom Tomatoes for the kitchen: Sweet Basil and Heirloom Tomatoes is what the name implies. I think of this as the “perfect” home scent. It’s herbaceous… Continue reading | 5 Comments


Garden Fresh: A Tomato Fragrance Guide

This has been the first year I’ve ever had a garden (first year as a homeowner too). I love having fresh herbs and I barely have to tend to them. Fresh herbs are a little luxury that I do not want to give up. So, far I have only had squash be successful, the other veggies are trailing way behind. However, it looks like I am going to have at least 3,000 cherry tomatoes one day. I went nuts planting them from seed and what do you know?… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Burt’s Bees Garden Tomato Toner Review

Burt's Bees Tomato Toner

This isn’t my usual toner. But, I love it for the summer. Burt’s Bees Garden Tomato Toner is for oily and troubled skin. My skin is usually OK. Because I live in a region that does get summer weather and I do not have A/C, I do get oily. This oiliness sometimes equals a breakout. I have to switch my skincare regimen in the summer. This is the “heavy duty” toner that I use.

This toner contains a… Continue reading | 4 Comments