Tom Ford Private Blend Arabian Wood EDP Perfume Review

Tom Ford Arabian Wood

Arabian Wood was a Kuwait exclusive and there is a little story behind it saying that Arabian Wood was a bespoke fragrance for a “sheik”. I think the name of this perfume really throws people off. People are expecting something with roses, oud, frankincense: a woodsy “Arabian” styled perfume. Instead Arabian Wood is an old-fashioned green floral that is so incredibly 1970’s. I think Arabian Wood could benefit from a name change.

Arabian Wood opens up as mossy woods and greens. This perfumes settles, I get something… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Tom Ford Private Blends Azure Lime EDP Perfume Review

Tom Ford Private Blend Azure Lime is a “citrus floral” perfume. Reading the notes listed, I imagined this being more a feminine fragrance or at least a unisex Creed Virgin Island Water type perfume. After experiencing this fragrance, I see it on the more masculine end of the spectrum. It’s still unisex (but very masculine). I think of it as “fresh citrus-musk fragrance over woods”. Should Azure Lime have a Private Blend price tag? No. It’s just an OK fragrance. The world doesn’t need more “fragrance fillers”.

At first the… Continue reading | 8 Comments


Tom Ford Private Blend Italian Cypress EDP Perfume Review

Tom Ford Italian Cypress

Tom Ford Private Blend Italian Cypress is dry woodsy fragrance with herbaceous and spicy notes. It’s dry, woodsy, and smoky. It’s a bit antiquarian. It reminds me of being in an 19th century study: polished woods, leather bound encyclopedias, and a cup of hot herbal tea.

The opening is herbaceous and masculine. I get Earl Grey bergamot citrus with dried mint, like a bergamot mint tea. I get old-fashioned dry mosses. There’s a bit of clove spice in all the dried greens. This makes the fragrance feel… Continue reading | 5 Comments


Tom Ford Private Blend Tuscan Leather EDP Perfume Review

Tom Ford Private Blend Tuscan Leather is an earthy, chypre leather fragrance. I’m completely in love with the first few hours of wear. It’s a rugged, foresty leather that makes me swoon despite its simplicity. Tuscan Leather should be my dream fragrance but I’m not impressed with this perfume’s dry-down. Tuscan Leather is a perfume that is rugged and masculine but with a feminine smoothness. It’s a modern interpretation of those classic 20’s-30’s masculine-feminine tobacco-leather-woods perfumes that “young, modern” women used to wear. I think of Tuscan Leather as a now… Continue reading | 10 Comments


Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood EDP Perfume Review

Before we get bombarded and tired of oud scents thanks to all the launches from Dior, Caron, and yes, even Comptoir Sud Pacifique, everybody is doing it. Even B&BW played with oud towards the end of last year. I’ve promised myself that I’d start posting reviews of some of my favorite ouds before you guys “tire” of them.

I like woodsy, smoky, and “dark” fragrances. I love all of the notes listed in this fragrance. So, it makes sense that I would like Tom Ford Private Blends Oud Wood. Oud… Continue reading | 20 Comments