Tom Ford Patchouli Absolu EDP Perfume Review

Tom Ford Patchouli Absolu

I have not been impressed with any of the more recent Tom Ford Private Blend launches and yes, I’m still bitter about Amber Absolute‘s retirement. In fact, I think many of the “regular” Tom Ford perfumes are more interesting than the newer Private Blends! When I heard of the new Patchouli Absolu launch, I wasn’t expected much…and yes, I’m still bitter about Purple Patchouli’s retirement. However, with this launch, I smell a little “glimmer of hope” when it comes… Continue reading


Tom Ford Private Blend Shanghai Lily EDP Perfume Review

Tom Ford Shanghai Lily

Tom Ford Private Blend Atelier d’Or*ent ins’t bad. Or maybe I think that because my expectations have been lowered by the previous subpar collections. Unlike some of the other collections, there are some in Atelier d’Or*ent that I don’t mind wearing.

The first few times I tried Shanghai Lily, I tried talking myself out of loving it. I had a feeling that my lowered expectations were getting in the way. I like the idea of lily-centric fragrances but I rarely wear them (even though I own a few)… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Tom Ford Jonquille de Nuit EDP Perfume Review

Tom Ford Jonquille de Nuit

Here I go with another review of one of the fragrances in the disappointed Tom Ford Private Blend Jardin Noir Collection…but I need to say that this one is less of a disappointment.

Jonquille de Nuit opens with bitter greens and little spring lilies and daffodils. And then it turns into honeysuckle, a very real-ish honeysuckle. It’s heady and sweet, has some violet leaf greenness. This turns into an orange blossom. This top and most of the middle is a whirlwind of beauty! However… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Tom Ford Lys Fume EDP Perfume Review

Tom Ford Lys Fume

At one time, I liked Tom Ford Private Blends but then the line started discontinuing the good stuff and replacing it with crap like the White Musk Collection. Like many people, my heart fluttered when I heard about “Jardin Noir”. Yeah, “noir” is overused and abused in the perfume world but I mean, it’s a “dark” floral collection. What could go wrong? I couldn’t wait to try Lys Fume. In my mind it was a dark, smoky, boozy lily that was unlike any of the other… Continue reading | 3 Comments

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Tom Ford Jardin Noir Cafe Rose EDP Perfume Video Review

Tom Ford has launched 4 new floral perfumes in the Private Blend Collection – Jardin Noir. I said years ago that the “noir” trend was over. Boy, was I wrong! 2012 has been a big year for “noir” perfumes. The Jardin Noir Collection is supposed to showcase the “darker” and “dangerous” side of flowers, the “less innocent”, blah, blah. Now what does Cafe Noir smell like?

Tom Ford Cafe Rose

Café Rose opens as a peppery rose with a hint of fresh coffee grounds in the background… Continue reading | 4 Comments