Thorn & Bloom Wild Rose EDP Natural Perfume Review

Thorn & Bloom Wild Rose

Rose Week 2016

Every Rose Week, I like to include an all-natural rose soliflore because roses are naturally beauty. This year’s natural is from indie brand, Thorn & Bloom.

Wild Rose opens as an entanglement of fruits, wild weeds and incense haze. I’ve always said that tarragon and rose should be in more perfumes because it’s a stunning combo. And this stunning combo is prominent here. It adds a “green spiciness” to this naturally fruity rose. Wild Rose wears like a… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Thorn & Bloom Savage Garden Natural EDP Perfume Review

Thorn & Bloom Savage Garden

Thorn & Bloom Savage Garden is one of those perfumes that plays up the cool, minty aspect of white florals. And when perfumes do that, it’s like they play up the “wildness” of florals like ylang-ylang.

Savage Garden opens with tangled wild weeds and ylang-ylang. The ylang in this is cool, minty. Tarragon gives the impression of a “cool anise”. It’s like anise but greener and cooler. Savage Garden wears as a cool, herbal white floral. It eventually dries down to bitter herbs and… Continue reading | 8 Comments


Phoenix Botanicals Bonfire Rose Natural Perfume Review

Phoenix Botanicals Bonfire Rose

Phoenix Botanicals Bonfire Rose is a fragrance inspired by summer: warm winds, lush florals and bonfire smoke. It’s mid-August and this summer hasn’t been great for me. I just now feel like summer has started and here I am mourning it prematurely. I want warm winds and bonfires. I want to drink pale ales, exchange laughter and swat mosquitoes. And then wake up with smoky smelling hair.

Bonfire Rose opens as an astringent “green” citrus that reminds me of brewing an herbal blend tea. It’s… Continue reading


Aftelier Wild Roses EDP Perfume Review

Aftelier Wild Roses

Aftelier Wild Roses is inspired by perfumer Mandy Aftel’s garden. It’s meant to come across like walking around and smelling all of the flowers, not a soliflore but more of a “multiflore”. For me it’s a very synesthetic fragrance. I smell it in colors.

Coral, vermilion, hot pink, lilac with “flickers” of yellow curry that fades into a deep royal purple. Wild Roses comes at me as a swirl of bold colors reminding me of vintage Pucci prints. Wild Roses opens with a vanilla-heliotrope rose with natural… Continue reading | 9 Comments


LUSH Dirty Body Spray Fragrance Review

LUSH Dirty Body Spray review
Frink the Frug, guest commentator

Frink the Frug, four-legged fragrance commentator, here to talk about one of my newest fragrance obsessions: LUSH Dirty Body Spray. LUSH Dirty is a new range of new products that are designed on the layering concept. I wouldn’t know too much about this. I prefer “layering” by snuggling under crushed velvet throws, not grooming products. But, I hear that humans don’t appreciate their own fur so they do crazy things with it. That’s why LUSH… Continue reading | 18 Comments