Sweet Anthem Valentine for Vendetta Perfume Review – Lolita & Poppy

Sweet Anthem Lolita

Just in time for Valetine’s Day, Sweet Anthem is launching two new limited edition perfumes, Lolita and Poppy. These are in the Valentine for Vendetta Anthology, the house’s Spring Collection.

Lolita has notes of black currant, cherry blossom, rosewood, tonka bean and sea salt.

Lolita opens as a delicate, powdery cherry blossom. Lolita has a clean, warm quality that reminds me of sun-dried linens. It’s sheer, warm and laundered. It’s one of those delicate, musky florals.

*Technically* I shouldn’t really like a clean and… Continue reading | 7 Comments

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EauMG’s 2013 Gift Guide for the Chic Hipster

hipster pug

It’s that time of the year when I make a holiday gift guide for people cooler than me. This one is for the hipster on your list. What are my qualifications for creating such a gift guide? None. But, I did go to the cool pour-over coffee shops and “whiskey and bitter emporiums” (yeah, hipster bars) to people watch, you know, for gift guide research. I was not enjoying a variety of delicious beverages…

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EauMG’s Most Worn Perfumes Spring 2013

Here’s the perfumes that I found myself reaching for the most during the spring of 2013. I admit that I’m rather traditional when it comes to spring perfumes. I want to smell like flowers. If you talked to me a few years ago, I didn’t even wear florals. Now they’re sort of my “thing”.

Guerlain Champs-Elysees EDT

12. Guerlain Champs-Elysées EDT – A neon mimosa. Love this stuff. Full Review. Retails for $74 at Nordstrom.

11. CdG Synthetic Series Tar – Because… Continue reading | 16 Comments


Sweet Anthem Floral Perfume Reviews

Sweet Anthem is a Seattle-based perfume line by perfumer Meredith Smith. Here’s my review of a few of their floral perfumes that are in the all-year catalog.

Sweet Anthem Annabelle

Annabelle perfume oil has notes of jasmine, osmanthus, sea salt, and white amber.

Annabelle opens as a tropical coconut floral reminding me of manoï. I get a ripe banana ylang-ylang. It’s a tropical floral by the sea. It dries down to a warm, powdery amber. In the oil base, it’s a good choice for a “beach” perfume. If… Continue reading | 8 Comments


Sweet Anthem Valentine’s Tea Party Invite

On the 11th, this Saturday, from 12-4 PM, Sweet Anthem Handmade Perfumes, will be hosting their first ever Valentine’s Day Tea Party. During this event, you’ll be able to purchase flowers, perfumes and sweets from Seattle-based designers and receive gifts with purchase. You’ll be able to sample specialty teas and meet with local designers.

Sweet Anthem Seattle

Who will be there?

Perfumer, Nikki Sherritt, of the natural candle line, Gabriel’s Aunt, and natural perfume line, Rebel + Mercury. I included one of Nikki’s candles in my 2012