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A Few Voluspa Candle Mini Reviews

It’s another laid-back Sunday at the EauMG house. I should be packing for my trip back to Nashville this week but I don’t want to pack. It’s overwhelming thinking about “condensing” my skincare for a trip. Anyway, I thought I’d take a break and post some really quick impressions of a few Voluspa candle scents.

Voluspa J.P.B candle

Japanese Plum Bloom AKA J.P.B. Notes listed include Japanese plum blossoms, orchard leaves, plum nectar and currants.

This is a juicy plum with a realistic redcurrant. It’s a must for those… Continue reading | 8 Comments


DSH Perfumes Amouse Bouche EDP Perfume Review – Passport to Paris

DSH Amouse Bouche EDP

It’s sort of funny that I review perfume online but I’m the type of person that tries to avoid reading stuff like Yelp reviews. There’s a few reasons why. One of the reasons is that I hate “researching” so much before eating. Do you remember when we were more spontaneous and would just eat at a restaurant you were walking by? Another reason is that the reviews get annoying. Someone is like “Wow, too spicy!” and then I go and think it’s not spicy at all. Or these… Continue reading | 6 Comments

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Memebox Scentbox Reviews

Memebox Logo

Memebox is a nifty little service that sends full-size Korean products to beauty addicts in the states and beyond (shipping to 51 countries). Original Memeboxes contain 4-8 full-size products. Superboxes contain 1 full-size with sample/travel sizes.

Being a beauty product fiend, I couldn’t settle for just one box. I ended up ordering three of the Scentboxes. Because this is EauMG and this is a dedicated “scent space”. I was curious to see what is happening scentwise in the world of Korean cosmetics. Plus, if I bought 3… Continue reading | 14 Comments


Nez a Nez Ambre a Sade EDP Perfume Review

Nez a Nez Ambre a Sade

I’m a sucker for a really good gourmand. And Nez à Nez Ambre à Sade is a really good gourmand.

Ambre à Sade is a fruity blackberry and strawberry jam. A camphoric patchouli innuendo is in the background. Ambre à Sade is sweet reminding me of homemade berry jams and buttery, flaky pastries. However, it isn’t overly foody sweet at this stage. There’s a sharp cedar and patchouli keeping this from being 100% French pâtisserie. Cinnamon adds warmth. It reminds me of a croissant dipped in a… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Ramon Monegal Cherry Musk EDP Perfume Review

 Ramon Monegal Cherry Musk


I have a feeling that Ramon Monegal Cherry Musk is one of those perfumes that I could possibly “get” on a late spring day in the future, but for now these are my impressions:

Cherry Musk opens with a delicate fruity musk and sheer strawberry jam. With time I get cherry flavored lip balm and a delicate rose that is as delicate as rosewater. And then it becomes strawberry Twizzlers with rose. And then it dries down to a rosy fruity musk. Lots… Continue reading | 1 Comment